Hawthorn Huaishan Pork Loin Soup

Hawthorn Huaishan Pork Loin Soup

For the softness of the lumbar bone and poor digestion, in addition to moving the bones and muscles for a certain amount of time, this hawthorn Huaishan pig waist soup is also a great substitute for appetizing and accumulating kidneys.

  1 pair of dried hawthorn in pork loin: 12 grams of ginger: 3 slices of dried Huaishan: 12 grams of Eucommia: 8 grams of Yuzhu: 8 grams of salt: Moderate amount of water: 8 bowls Practice: 1.

Wash all materials; 2.

Soak the pork loin with salt water (please pay attention to changing the water many times during the period), then simmer the water with ginger slices, cut flowers with a knife (not cut); 3.

Boil water, add all ingredients, cook over high heat for 20 minutes, and cook over low heat for two hours, season with salt.

  Efficacy: Pork loin with Eucommia ulmoides can be said to be the most well-known waist-filling soup in Guangdong. There is a verbal phrase in the folk: “lumbar pain, pork loin boiled in Eucommia ulmoides.”Afterwards, make this soup over-appetizing, de-accumulate and remove fat, which can help to lose weight and nourish and nourish.

  ● Gourmet Science School pig waist pig waist also known as pig kidney, contains protein, trace amounts, carbohydrates, riboflavin, vitamin A, thiamine, ascorbic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins, etc., has a kidney and strong waist, andThe effects of kidney qi, pass through the bladder, eliminate product stagnation, and quench thirst, can be used to treat kidney deficiency, low back pain, edema, deafness and other symptoms.

Suitable for people with kidney deficiency, backache, waist pain, nocturnal emission, night sweats; suitable for elderly patients with kidney deficiency, deafness, tinnitus; high blood lipids, high cholesterol should not eat.

  Eucommia ulmoides Eucommia ulmoides is a famous Chinese medicine. The “Shen Nong Compendium of Materia Medica” is listed as top grade and it is known as “plant gold”.

To Sichuan, Guizhou is the most famous, collectively called “Sichuan Zhong.”

Function: Liver and kidney, strong bones and bones, lower blood pressure, and abortion.

It is suitable for patients with hypertension, women with habitual abortion, and those with insufficient kidney qi;

  ● Selection and treatment of Liangtangxinshui pork loin There is a layer of fresh pork loin, which is lustrous, moist and does not change color.

Wash the pig’s waist and peel off the film, and cut open in the middle, you can see that there is a light brown gland in the white fiber membrane, that is, the adrenal gland.

It contains leather hormones and plasma hormones.

If a pregnant woman eats adrenaline by mistake, the corticosteroids combined with the increase in sodium in the body of the pregnant woman will reduce the drainage and cause pregnancy edema; the plasma hormones can promote the breakdown of glycogen, speed up the heartbeat, cause pregnancy-induced hypertension or high blood sugar, and other diseases.Nausea, vomiting, numbness in hands and feet, muscle weakness and other symptoms of poisoning may occur.

Therefore, be sure to cut off the adrenal glands and white fibrous membranes, and then cut them into the required pieces or flowers, rinse them with water, and remove them.

Salt can be added during washing to make it easier to remove odor.

Dealing with Dealers

Dealing with Dealers

First, understand the personality and characteristics of dealers. We say that “things are grouped together, and people are grouped.” The cornerstone of friendly relations between people lies in a “throwing temper” or “getting together”, which is also a novice and dealers., Also needs such a foundation, but as the saying goes, “a thousand people, different from each other”, dealers depend on their origin, education, family and development experience, etc., their style of life, principles of life and theirThe nature is also different, so from the beginning as a novice and dealers, the first task we have to do is to let the dealers embrace themselves from the heart, thinking that everyone is the same person, and to do this, as a novice only from the dealer’s personalityStart with the characteristics, understand the personality and characteristics of the dealers, know yourself and others, find their weaknesses and available areas, and take a targeted approach to communicate and communicate with everyone. The so-called “marinated point tofu, oneThe principle of “delivering one thing to another” is also the right approach. Of course, we can find many ways to understand the personality and characteristics of dealers, such as问Your predecessor, ask the dealer’s business, ask your end customers and your competitors, etc. can achieve their goals.

  Second, the sentiment is communicated well. In marketing, we can often find such a phenomenon. There are many times when business personnel and dealers have conflicts and conflicts. They are often trivial issues rather than big problems.The reason for this phenomenon is actually very simple, that is, the two parties correct misunderstandings caused by effective communication on some issues. As an important part of corporate marketing exchange, dealers are responsible for corporate logistics and distribution and market maintenance.Work is an important partner of the company on the development path. For dealers, learn more about the status of enterprise development, product promotion policies, new product listing plans, market development plans, etc.It is to satisfy their curiosity and even hope to plan the market to seek development opportunities through more understanding of the company’s situation. At some times, the more the dealer knows about the company’s situation, the deeper the company’s marketing thinking will be understood and the more it will be done.Thorough, so it’s good for identifying novices when dealing with dealers上Effective communication situation issued can not only reduce misunderstanding both sides, but also because effective communication issued on the situation of the acquired dealers actively cooperate to make the business work boat sailing along, play a multiplier effect.

  Third, the word “profit” is a good account of the book “All the world is busy, all are good, all the world are good,” For the dealers, the purpose of distributing products is to obtain profits, no dealerWilling to “learn from Lei Feng”, unless there is such a dealer, it will not last long. For new fingers to get along with the dealer, it must be clear that talking the truth and talking empty is useless. Paying attention to the profit of the dealer is the root of the job.Therefore, as a novice, when you are dealing with dealers, you must always keep in mind that the word “profit” is a good account, and the first is to calculate the profit account of the dealer, including dealers, gross profit, spreads, rebates, etc.The profit account, the second is to calculate the dealer’s expense account, including personnel wages, distribution costs, return of goods damage, storage costs, capital costs, etc., the company’s product-related expense account, only in the heart of this account,Only then will you know how much money the dealers have made in distributing your company’s products, and you will have confidence in treating the complaints of “not making money” from the dealers. Otherwise, it will only make you uncomfortable.

  Fourth, it is never enough to plan ahead for the two plans. The funds of the dealers are never enough. No dealer can open his own funds and put them on the account. As long as the rich dealers will take out the funds to buy or choose new ones.Products are enriched in their own camps, adding to the development and growth of their own. This is unquestionable as determined by the instinct of the dealer. In real work, we often find that the dealer’s capital will fight with the demand.The main manifestations of the situation are: insufficient funds for the goods, shortage of goods for sale, slow-selling sales, excess deposits, or other manufacturers’ funds for goods. Our need for cash, etc., brings real trouble to the sales work, so for aThe novice is to get along with the dealers. They should always pay attention to the dealer’s financial trends and the amount of goods in stock. Consider the market’s sales status, variety factors, seasonal factors, and logistics factors. Plan ahead for two plans., That is, the dealer’s capital use plan and the demand plan, so that the dealer’s funds, inventory, and demand are effectively connected,避Break free of cash, the goods out of stock.

  Fifth, proactively deal with three issues. The market is always dynamic, and certain problems will occur. Preventing in advance, proactive handling is an effective principle for the market to keep itself active. As a novice, get along with dealers and actively attack everything.Instead of just sitting around and letting the dealer come to work, it will be relatively easy, and you will gain more understanding and become proactive. As a newbie, you need to actively deal with the following three issues when dealing with the dealer. This is also the dealer.The three issues that have caused the greatest concern: 1. Handling of temporary products. Returns and exchanges. The temporary products caused by the backlog of goods are as much as possible for the dealers during the sales process. They are also one of the headaches for the dealers.As a novice, if you can actively help the dealer to find a way, take the initiative to actively deal with these temporary products, and even the loss of some will make the dealer thank you, at least he pays less, it is understandable.

  2. Management problems of dealer personnel Personnel management is a difficult translation for dealers, and suffers from the inability to reach the limits of the victim, which translates to the inability to reach the limits of their ability. As a novice, if you can do your best for this,To help the dealers solve the management problems of the personnel, as far as possible, it can be artificial for me to improve my personal performance, and improving the help to the dealers to solve the problems is not the best intention of the dealers, and get along at least one more yard.

  3. Market Expansion The market operation is good or bad. Although it has a great relationship with the dealers, it also has a close relationship with the business personnel. If a business person does not care about the market, the market will definitely not haveGood result, if as a newbie to the market expansion, take the initiative to help dealers find problems, find a way, this will not only mobilize the dealer’s initiative to cooperate with you to complete this work, but also let the dealer to youHave a good review or opinion.

  Six, adhere to the four principles of daily communication. Finally, in dealing with dealers will encounter a variety of temptations, the extension of the transfer of time and the relationship between the dealer will also change, from the past working relationship acquaintance development intoPersonal friends, but as a marketer, it is always necessary to keep in mind in the daily communication of dealers. 1. The principle of work first: to separate work from personal feelings. Work is the first. Only in this way can you make friends’ feelings.Continue forever.

  2. The principle of seeking truth from facts: that is to abide by the actual situation of the market, not to replace personal emotional factors, the support that should be given must be in place, even more than others.

  3, the principle of transposition thinking: that is to consider the problem from the perspective of the dealer, put yourself on the position of the distribution and look at and deal with the problem.

  4, the principle of equal treatment: that is, sit on an equal footing with the dealer, do not pretend to be indifferent and do not fly forward, treat everything equally, and mutual cooperation can be friendly.

How to lose weight in five minutes

How to lose weight in five minutes

Core tip: how to lose weight with a big belly?

Does the loose excess meat on my stomach look disgusting?

How much MM hate the pioneering small belly?

Today, Xiaobian recommends a five-minute yoga exercise for thin waist and abdomen to teach everyone how to reduce excess meat on the belly, let the small belly gradually disappear, and restore the lower belly.

  First, epigastric exercise 1.

Lie on your back with your belly curled up, your legs raised upwards, bent 90 °, your thighs perpendicular to the ground, and your waist should remain motionless, next to the ground.

Straighten straight on both sides of the leg, tighten the abdomen, stretch straight and swing up and down on both sides of the leg, and beat the ground rhythmically.

30 times as a group.

  Note: When doing this, relax your neck and keep your hips and waist off the ground.

If you want to increase the difficulty, you can straighten your legs.


Yoga cannonball supine, lift the upper body, hold the left knee with both hands, pull the leg close to the body, nose close to the head, lift the right leg slightly off the ground, hold for 10 seconds, and then change one leg to perform, also keep 10.
Repeat 10 times as a group.

  Note: Do not hold your breath during the movement. The action of squeezing the abdomen is very helpful to expel the abdominal flatulence, and it can also massage your internal organs.


Cobra prone, legs separated by shoulder width, hands supporting the ground in front of the body, two elbows clamped on the side of the body, chest raised, slowly lift the upper body to the hips with your hands, keep arms slightly bent, feel the abdominal muscleStretch and shrink.

Hold for 10 seconds and slowly relax your body.

  Second, lower abdomen exercise 1.

Lie on your back with your legs up, your hands under your hips, your legs straight and raised vertically to the ground, and your waist and abdomen remain stable.

Legs gradually tilted to an angle of 45 ° from the ground, and then slowly raised upwards once.

A group of 10 to 15 times.

  Note: The waist remains motionless throughout the movement.


Sit on the ground in a boat style, with your legs close together, lifting up 45 °, with your hands flat, and hold your legs down for 20 seconds.

Do it a total of 10 times.

  Note: The process of lifting the legs should be slow, so that the lower abdominal muscles can be deepened.


The air bike lies on its back with its arms flat on the side of the body, and the waist remains stable. Lift your legs in the air to step on the bike.

A group of 15 forwards and 15 reverses.

  Note: To control the speed of the movement, the slower the movement, the better the effect. Place your feet in the largest circle.

  Third, flank exercises 1.

Lie on your back with your back facing sideways, with your hands behind your head; your legs bent 90 °, your thighs perpendicular to the ground; your legs twisted to the left to twist at the same time, and then twisted to the right to complete once.

12 to 15 times as a group.

  Note: Keep your knees clamped as much as possible and keep your legs bent at right angles.

Lift your legs up to exhale, and inhale during intervention.


Lie on your side, bend your right arm, support your elbows on the cushion, and keep your elbows, lumbar joints, and feet in a straight line.

The buttocks are slowly raised and lifted off the ground, relying only on the elbows and feet to support, for more than 30 seconds due to their own conditions.Change direction.

  Note: Keep breathing evenly during the movement and raise your hips as much as possible.


Push up the legs to do the standard posture of push-ups. Open your feet with the hips and bend your right knee. Try to reach your right elbow joint forward, restore, and then change your left leg to complete it.

8 to 10 times per group.

  Note: When your fingers touch the elbow joint, the flank muscles can get the maximum contraction, and you must do your best to complete it.

Dietary treatment of asthenia

Dietary treatment of asthenia

Deficiency edema refers to a complication in which middle and old people suffer from fluid retention in the body due to their weakness and flood the skin, causing head, face, eyelid, limbs, abdomen, and even whole body edema.

  The disease is most severely related to the spleen and kidney.

The spleen is mainly wet, the spleen is out of luck, and the water is flooded to become swollen; the kidneys are insufficient, the opening and closing is unfavorable, the water cannot be vaporized, and it cannot be excreted normally, which also causes the flood to become swollen.

  Treatment of this disease is based on “there is deficiency,” and the edema is eliminated.

People with nutritional disorders supplement with nutritious foods, and more foods have the effects of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, and nourishing the kidney and yang, such as lotus seeds, coriander seeds, jujube, soy beans, eyebrow beans, peanuts, walnuts, fish and liver, lean meat, bone soupWait.

Don’t eat some products that are cold, hurt the sun, and help moisture, such as popsicles, cabbage, cabbage, mustard and so on.

At the same time, salt should be strictly controlled. A low-salt diet can be used for mild cases, a salt-free diet can be used for severe cases, and sugar or salt substitutes can be used for seasoning.

  According to the principle of dialectical evidence in traditional medicine, the method of dietetic medicated diet has been used since then, and the curative effect is quite satisfactory.

This article will introduce the typing treatment method for patients to replace.

  I. Spleen Deficiency and Water Generic: This type of patients often have systemic edema, especially below the waist, repeated swelling and edema, suffocation, abdominal distension, diarrhea due to lack of food, pale skin, cold limbs, short urine, pale tongue, and white fur.Slippery, slow pulse.

Expelling Wenzhong Jianpi, Qi and water.

The dietary prescription should choose: Astragalus porridge: 30 grams of astragalus, 50 grams of rice, first use the astragalus decoction to remove residues, cook the rice into porridge with the medicinal sauce, and when the porridge is cooked, use oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, spring onion,Ginger is seasoned.

Regular clothes have spleen and swelling effect.

  Adzuki bean carp: 100 grams of red adzuki bean, 500 grams of carp, carp is mixed with intestines, leaving scales, washed, cooked in a clay pot, you can take it, and even take 3?
7 days.

  Carp porridge: a carp (about 500 grams), 100 grams of glutinous rice, spring onions, soy meal.

Cut the fish to the intestines, add glutinous rice to make porridge, add ginger, spring onions, and stir-fry when the rice is rotten, and cook for 10 minutes before serving.

  Fish Chenpi soup: 2 catfish (about 200 grams), 15 grams of Chenpi, 20 grams of red dates.

Remove the intestines from the anchovies, add water to the pot instead, and put the rinds and red dates into the simmering heat until cooked. Then use salt, ginger, green onion, pepper, and MSG to season.

  Peanut-cooked garlic: 150 grams of peanut rice and 100 grams of garlic meat.

Can be used once every other day, even 2?
4 results.

  Aniseed black sticky rice porridge: 6 grams of cumin and 90 sticks of black sticky rice. Grind the fennel into yellow powder, cook the black sticky rice into porridge, season the fennel with salt, sesame oil, pepper, ginger, and spring onion.

  Second, the kidney yang is weak: This kind of patients often have floating body swelling, especially the lower half of the body, which can not be depressed according to the stagnation, gray complexion or white light, cold limbs, backache, coldness, fatigue, unfavorable urination, pale mouth and thirst, Pale tongue, white fur, late pulse.

Expelling warm kidney and water, strengthening spleen and swelling.

Food therapy should be replaced: black bean carp soup: 60 grams of black beans, 1 fresh carp, first descale the carp, viscera, washed black beans and add water to the carp and cook until cooked.

Regular food is effective.

  Aconite porridge: making aconite 5?
10 grams, dried ginger 1?
3 grams, 100 grams of rice, 2 white onions, brown sugar.

Put the aconite and dried ginger in the casserole together and fry 1.

After 5 hours, add the scallion white, the rice, brown sugar and porridge.

Take in divided doses.

  Longan jujube and black bean soup: 15 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of jujube, 50 grams of black beans, add the same medicine into the pot and add an appropriate amount of water, and cook until the red dates are rotten.

Season with brown sugar sooner or later.

Can be served for 15 days.

  Eucommia ulmoides stew: 15 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, a pair of mutton waist, ginger, pepper, and garlic.

Cut the lamb’s waist first, cut the skin, and cut into thin layers. Put it together with Eucommia ulmoides and seasonings in a stew pot.
  Four-flavored pig’s soup: 20 grams each of Zhishi, yam, lotus seeds, nootropic kernel, and one pig bladder.

Decoction of Zhiyiren decoction to remove juice, soak the lotus root with medicinal juice, soak the yam for 2 hours, put it into the cleaned pig’s bladder, tie it tightly, cook it, and season it with salt or rock sugar.

  Astragalus Mulberry Porridge: 20 grams of astragalus, 20 grams of mulberry, 15 grams of Poria, 200 grams of rice. First, fry astragalus, mulberry, Poria, decoction, remove juice and add rice to the porridge, wait for the porridgeCook until thick and season with brown sugar.

Inventory methods to overcome psychological vulnerability

Inventory methods to overcome psychological vulnerability

The core tip: a person’s life or mentality will inevitably have certain defects, which will affect the achievement of certain goals.

People will take various measures to compensate for this deficiency in order to alleviate and eliminate psychological damage.

  A philosopher once said: “People who are not good at controlling their emotions always lose something.

“So when a person is in a psychological barrier, a wise person will know how to adjust himself and get out of it early!

But psychological fragility is like a nightmare, and it takes a certain method to overcome it.

  1. Avoidance method. When a person surrounds a psychological obstacle, the first and easiest way is to avoid it.

Avoid and stay away from external stimuli that lead to psychological breakthroughs.

In psychological fragility, a concomitant excitatory center is often formed in the human brain, avoiding related external stimuli, which can give way to other stimuli to cause new excitatory centers.

When the excitement center shifts, psychological barriers are created.

“Ears don’t listen and heart don’t bother,” is exactly the reason.

For example, the trivial things at home make you “fire up” or “depressed” and go to work; the terminally ill does not prevent going to the hospital to see the dying patient; facing a deep injury of hopeless relationshipDayong came, this is effective self-help.

It can also be regarded as the method of avoidance of subject matter.

In addition, subjective avoidance can be adopted, that is, a potential mechanism to strengthen human instinct through subjective efforts, try to forget, or suppress one’s unpleasant experience.

The excitement center is shifted on the main surface.

Attention divergence is the most preventive method of subjective avoidance.

When you are in pain, concentrate on doing something meaningful and naturally avoid psychological barriers.

  2. The look-ahead method is not necessarily any objective reality.

Sometimes, if the same reality or situation is viewed from one perspective, it may cause a negative experience and penetrate psychological barriers; from another perspective, it may be found positive meaning, so that negative emotions are transformed into positive emotions.

According to legend, an old lady has two sons: the eldest son sells umbrellas, and the second son basks in salt.

For the two sons, the old lady was almost sad every day.

What are you worried about?

On sunny days, the old lady said, “This sunny day, umbrellas are not easy to sell!”

So he was sad for the eldest son.

Whenever it is cloudy, the old lady mutters: It is raining on this cloudy day, and the salt can be sunbaked-so I worry about the second son.

The old lady was sorrowful and sorrowful, and finally became sick.

The two sons didn’t know what to do.

Fortunately, a wise man offered a suggestion: “On sunny days, you should be happy to salt, you should be happy for your second son; on cloudy days, you should be happy to sell your umbrella.

This way of thinking, no worries!

“Such an old lady turned sorrow into joy, her heart widened and her body strengthened.

It seems that when examining, thinking, and evaluating some objective realities, learning to change perspectives and look at issues from a different perspective often makes people feel miserable.

  3. Masturbation Fayso’s fable says that a fox ca n’t eat grapes and says grapes are sour; only a lemon can be said to be sweet, so it does n’t bother him.

Psychology borrows it and interprets the facts with some “rationalization” reason, turning the malignant stimulus into a benign stimulus in order to seek psychological self-comfort, which is called the “sour grape and sweet lemon” psychology.

Yes, the so-called reason for masturbation is just “justification”, but it does have the effect of maintaining psychological balance and achieving psychological self-rescue.

You ca n’t get one job title for each person in the unit. It ‘s not worthwhile to miss the ranking. I ca n’t set this time for the next time. Besides, there is no job title for the same job. If you have a solid performance, you do n’t lose the price. Why?Killing for a fake name?

The lovers broke up, or they really got married with these ruthless and unjust people. Maybe it ‘s going to be a bad mold. “Bye” with her early, wouldn’t it be okay to report the illness-two hundred dollars lost, just when the final prize was not givenWhat’s more, “to save money and avoid disasters” is not a big blessing for the whole family-isn’t this the “spiritual victory method”-exactly.

The spiritual victory law should not be seen flat, and some unsatisfactory things are there. Of course, if it can be changed, it should of course work for the good. If it is a foregone conclusion and cannot be recovered, it should be comforted to acknowledge the reality.

This is much worse than being downcast and unbearable.

  4. Humor Law Humor law is one of the most helpful self-help strategies to relieve psychological barriers.It is said that the great philosopher Socrates had an abusive wife.

One day, Socrates was speaking to the guests right away, and his wife suddenly ran into a lot of trouble, and then splashed the water in the basin on Socrates’ body.

What the situation is-this is said to be unbearable for a slightly bloody man.

Socrates smiled and said, “I already knew that there would be heavy rain after thunder.

“With a word of explanation, his wife couldn’t help laughing.

When the British Prime Minister Wilson was halfway through a speech, I was called off the stage: “Shit-trash-” This clearly accused him of the content of the speech.

But the capable politician, Wilson, smiled and confused: “Shit-trash-public health- gentlemen, I’m going to talk about this social issue right away.

“In this way, he is not without contradictions, but wins applause.

  Laughter is a mental disinfectant, and humor is a step out of the psychological barrier.

When career and life are frustrated, when communication is deadlocked, humorous behavior and humorous language can often make breakthroughs and overcome pressures become relaxed and natural, so as to relax mental tension, relax the atmosphere, release emotions, relieveAnxious and superb.

  5, low-key method I instinctively will continue to improve my life expectancy.

This naturally has its positive meaning, it is a psychological driving force for my progress and social progress.

But “the poles must be reversed.”

To treat life with unrealistically high expectations may be precisely the psychological roots that some people spend their precious time in the psychological barriers of depression and sorrow every day, and cannot enjoy the joy of life and happiness for life.

Increasing expectations and increasing emotional conflicts are a sign of social psychology.

  In “official” read, in “money”, in “material” desire, low-key expectations; so should the cause.

Although “aspiration to live high” has always been praised, but there is no such thing as society-although “soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers”, it has always been appreciated, but there are no small soldiers to form an army.There is only one Everest on the ground.

Although the stars are not as dazzling as the sun, they are equally shining; the mountains are not as tall as Everest, and they are equally vigorous and uplifting.

“No flower fragrance, no tree height, I am a little grass that no one knows .” With the realm of little grass, he said goodbye to the psychological conflict.

  6. Because of the influence of social culture on catharsis law, people seem to give more affirmation to suppressing their emotions, and give more negation to proclaiming their emotions.

In fact, this goes against psychological science.

Psychology believes that when a person suffers setbacks, he has the willpower to suppress his emotions and shows a normal way of talking and laughing. Although this can be corrected, it can only overcome the tension on the surface, but can’t hold back the inner emotional disturbance.Failure to solve the problem will lead to deeper psychological obstacles and bring greater harm.

For example, anger as strong suppression is like a time bomb, there is always the danger of destroying yourself or others; grief is strong suppression, not released with tears, almost no harm to health or even death.

Only in the famous sultry summer, only a heavy rain can refresh the air. Just as the sky is clear, the psychological stress in the contradiction can only be released in order to win a psychologically clear sky.

  According to social effects, there are reasonable and unreasonable points. Those who are good at psychological self-rescue always choose a reasonable way to vent their pain. First, they should vent reasonably and reasonably.

Such as telling your relatives and friends about the grievances and pain in your heart, or vomiting to yourself, resorting to words, letting the bitter water in your heart flow out.

The second is reasonable emotional venting.

It is said that a sandbox full of fine sand is set up in the office of a US president to vent his anger when necessary.

This is really wise.

We might as well deal with it, crying, yelling, and anger erupting on appropriate occasions.

This is also the case for the wise and strong, because this is the best self-help strategy to surround the immediacy of extreme psychological conflict.

  7, sublimation French Hao Gede suffered from long-term love affair when he was young, and tried several times to commit suicide.

But he finally took the broken feelings as the material, got inspiration from the ashes burned by love, and wrote a masterpiece that knows the world-“Troubles of Young Witt”.

In the real year, it is said that “Seivon loses his horse and security is not a blessing.”

  Breakthroughs and setbacks are by no means what people pray for every year.

Because it brings people psychological depression and anxiety.

Those who are good at psychological self-rescue can raise this emotion to a strength.

In the direction that is beneficial to the self, to the people, and to the society, the psychological balance is also cleared when successful satisfaction is achieved.

King of Ancient Literature, Zhong Ni, Qu Yuan, Zuo Qiu, Sun.

Zi, Buwei, Han Fei, Sima Qian, etc., are extolled forever because they saved themselves by sublimation in a catastrophic psychological obstacle and shaped the image of the strong.When people encounter frustration, it is not helpless to be sullen or depressed, or to cause antisocial revenge is even worse.

It’s all about punishing others for their mistakes.

The correct attitude is: turn frustration failures into motivation, rise from psychological defects, and be a strong person in life.

  ”When you improve yourself, don’t ask for help.”

This is the last sentence of Shakyamuni’s death.

We don’t have to be Buddhists, and we don’t have to reject others’ helping hands.

But when we are disturbed by psychological fragility, we should first learn to help ourselves.

  8. Compensation law “no one is perfect”, a person will inevitably have certain defects in life or psychology, which will affect the realization of expected goals.

People will take various measures to compensate for this deficiency in order to alleviate and eliminate psychological damage.

This is called compensation in psychology.

One type of compensation replaces the original failed goal with another goal.

For example, the famous conductor Seiji Ozawa of Japan originally specialized in piano.

He was very distressed after the sensitivity of his finger to his ten fingers was affected.

Later, he did not hesitate to change the command and became famous, which caused psychological obstacles.

Another type of compensation is based on new efforts, with the hope that certain weaknesses will be corrected and the weaknesses will be strengthened to achieve the original goal.

The Greek politician Di Cecius could not speak due to his weakest and mild stuttering.

He determined to practice eloquence, put small stone eggs in his mouth to practice speaking, and shouted loudly to the beach.

In the end, his language advantage improved, and he became a famous speaker.

The nervousness in his heart was also eliminated naturally.

  Editor’s Note: In the face of some weaknesses or shortcomings of your own, you don’t need to just sigh, you can only taste bitterness. The positive countermeasure is to find another way to really get out of the psychological barrier.

“East is lost, and Mulberry is collected” is the best interpretation of this self-help path.

Don’t see it!

17 magical uses of salt

Don’t see it!
17 magical uses of salt

For cracked eggs, the protein will have to be sewn into the water. If the broken egg is cooked in salt water, the protein will not flow out.

Put some salt and vinegar when you boil the eggs.

Steam leftovers every other day, add a small amount of salt water to remove the odor.

Vegetables often leave little greasy bugs on their leaves, which can be a bit cumbersome to wash.

If you soak the dishes in salt water and wash them, they will be easy to clean.

When killing ducks, if you add a spoonful of salt to the hot duck hair, you can prevent the duck skin from being scalded.

For bitter gourd, radish and other vegetables with bitterness and astringency, cut a bit and add a little salt, filter the juice and burn it to reduce the bitterness.

Fresh fish is washed in salt water to remove the muddy smell and make the taste more delicious.

Do not eat freshly caught fresh fish, rub the fish inside and out with salt, and fry in a pan after an hour, the taste is as usual.

Put some salt in the pan before frying the fish or frying other foods, and the transfer oil will not splash outside the pan.

Put some salt when making steamed buns. The steamed steamed buns are soft and have many honeycombs.

To keep the vinegar from hiding for a long time, put some salt in the vinegar.

Newly-purchased glassware is cooked in brine and reused. It will not easily burst when cold.

Bathing in water with a small amount of salt can treat allergic dermatitis.

Eggplant slices are salted for ten minutes and then fried, which is both fuel-efficient and delicious.

When green-colored vegetables, put some salt in the water, do not cover the pot lid, quickly cool down after simmering, can maintain the green color of vegetables.

Newly bought dishes are cooked with salt water first, they won’t break easily.

Summer is almost here. Some fruits and vegetables need to be eaten raw. Soak them in fresh salt water for 20 minutes to sterilize them.

It’s salt water, don’t pickle it.

When making sweets, add a little salt (don’t add too much) to make it sweeter.

How to use the eye to condition the wolfberry chrysanthemum tea to drink charming eyes

How to use the eye to condition the wolfberry chrysanthemum tea to drink charming eyes

Introduction: Office workers and students are all big eyesmen. When the eyes are tired and dry, they know to use eye protection, but the medicine is three points poisonous. Why not adjust it?

Lycium barbarum and chrysanthemum can clear the liver and eyesight, drink a cup of medlar chrysanthemum tea, both health and eyes.

  Chrysanthemum tea-clearing heat and detoxifying 1.

Chrysanthemum and hawthorn tea takes 10 grams of chrysanthemum, plus 10 grams each of hawthorn and honeysuckle. It is placed on behalf of the tea, which can eliminate stasis and fat, cool down and reduce weight, and lose weight. It is suitable for obesity, hyperlipidemia and hypertension patients.


Sanhuacha chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and jasmine are even, soaked in water for tea, can clear heat and detoxify, suitable for the outbreak of wind-heat cold, sore throat, scabies, etc., regular clothes can reduce fire, have the effect of calming meditation.


Chrysanthemum honey drink 50 grams of chrysanthemum, add 20 ml of water, heat it for 30 minutes after boiling, add an appropriate amount of honey after filtering, and stir well.

It has the functions of nourishing the liver and eyesight, refreshing and quenching thirst, clearing the heart and brain, and intestines.

  Chinese wolfberry tea-Qinggan Mingmu 1, Chinese wolfberry eight treasure tea material: take 2 tribute chrysanthemums, 8 honeysuckle flowers, 1 jujube, 1 fat sea, 8 lotus seed cores, 5 medlars, 1 American ginseng, Chenpi 2Tablets, the right amount of rock sugar practice: brew with boiling water, when mixed with tea.

  2, Sanhua wolfberry tea material: rose, jasmine, generation of flowers, Chuanxiong, wolfberry Practice: the material is brewed with boiling water.

  Efficacy: It can broaden and relieve qi, expel phlegm by drinking, swell swelling, promote blood circulation and nourish the stomach, reduce fat and refreshing, especially suitable for evening service.

  3, wolfberry red jujube tea method: boil in cold water, add red dates, wolfberry, cook for about 5 minutes, add rock sugar, cook until dissolved.

  Efficacy: Lycium barbarum can nourish liver and kidney, brighten eyes, moisten lungs and quench thirst, and boots make people look ruddy.

  4, wolfberry chrysanthemum tea material: wolfberry five money, chrysanthemum six money, rock sugar starch.

  Method: Add 1500cc water to wolfberry, boil on high heat, and simmer for 20 minutes, then put chrysanthemums. After boiling, extinguish chrysanthemums for five minutes, remove chrysanthemums, and season with rock sugar.

  Efficacy: clear liver and eyesight.

  Luo Han Guo Tea-Clear throat and throat material: A method of Luo Han Guo: Broken Luo Han Guo, take a few small pieces, brew with boiling water 6?
After 10 minutes, put in.

  Jasmine Tea-Moisturizing and Drying Materials: 5 grams of jasmine, with appropriate sugar.

  Method: Wash the jasmine and white sugar with boiling water and remove the residue.

  Efficacy: This drink is sweet and fragrant, and has the effects of relieving liver and qi, removing dryness and hydrating, clearing heat and detoxifying.

Duck and Yam Soup Soup

Duck and Yam Soup Soup

Duck meat nourishes yin and nourishes the lungs and is often referred to as the first nourishing product of Jinqiu in meat.

Chinese yam also has a strong tonic effect. When mixed with duck meat, it can not only enhance the effect of nourishing the lungs, but also eliminate the greasy feeling of duck meat.

Especially in the windy and dry autumn, the effect of cooking duck and yam together is better.

  As the saying goes, “there is no disease in the autumn”.

The moisture in the air gradually decreases in autumn. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dryness is the main energy in autumn.

  Duck meat is very nutritious and can be nourishing.

Classified with other meats, duck meat is cold, and has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, relieving cough and phlegm.

Its protein content is also about 20% higher than pork and beef and mutton. Regular consumption can enhance physical fitness and improve immunity.

In addition, the content of trace impurities in duck meat is reduced, and the unsaturated traces in them are easily digested by the human body, which can reduce plasma and protect the heart.

Eating yam in autumn is good for lung and cough, and for spleen and stomach.

Chinese yam has good moisturizing effect, nourishing qi and nourishing yin.

In addition, yam is sweet and flat, not dry and greasy, eat with duck meat, and even lower plasma, it is a good combination of autumn tonic.

  To combat the harm of dry air to the lungs, you should also add more water, so you may wish to make a pot of yam old duck.

The ingredients are simple. Just prepare a duck (about 1 kg), 500 grams of yam, spring onion, ginger, star anise, cooking wine, and salt.

The specific methods are: 1.

Wash and chop the duck first, peel the yam and cut into pieces, slice the ginger, and cut the shallot into sections; 2.

2. Duck meat simmered in water, boil in cold water, add onion, ginger, star anise, cooking wine; 3.

After about 40 minutes, after the oil on the surface of the soup, add yam, cook until the ingredients are soft, and then season with salt.

Inside secrets of nine ways to carry money

Inside secrets of nine ways to carry money

The core tip: Money is an essential thing in our lives.

Every day, we all need money.

Psychologist research has found that the way money is often revealed reveals people’s inner secrets.

The following nine ways to carry money are an interesting note.

  First, I put money in my jacket pocket. “This is a way to use money to get ahead, because these people always put money in front of themselves.

Many men live in fear of losing money.

Put the money in your chest pocket so they can see the money as soon as they look down.

This is another way for them to assure themselves of security: Look, this cash is standing in front of everything and protecting them.

Of course they don’t think about it. Even if they put their money under their eyes, thieves might start to steal their money.

In addition, those who put money in the front pocket also have a need, that is, they can often touch the money.

It can be said that this is masturbation in a sense.

Playing with banknotes is, of course, easier to accept by society than touching the sex organs!

“Second, I always put money in my wallet.” For some, this is a way to avoid direct contact with the money and isolate it from the money.

If spending money is fun for some people, for others, putting money in their hands makes them even happier.

This attitude is more about culture than fear of money, and some money is dirty.

We never know where the money comes from, but that doesn’t mean these people don’t like money.

Instead, they are slightly restrained by the excitement and urge to spend money.

“Three, I put my money in the back pocket.” The two most common places to put money are the pockets on the top of the jacket and the back pocket of the pants.

Those who put money in their back pockets subconsciously refuse to see the banknotes, even if they risk the money being stolen.

But at the same time, they often check that the wallet is still there.

In fact, in this place, money is really well-placed.

Because the tip is a bit associated with feces.

They are like children who can hold their poop, and these people’s buttocks will do their best to hold their strength.

“Four, I like to bring a bunch of money with me.” A bunch of money has to do with a sense of freedom and autonomy. People can dream and go to live another life at any time.

  This is a measure of relief for those who are upset.

In this way, they think they can run away quickly, no matter where they go.

  Fifth, I’m used to wrinkling money. “There is a deep-rooted impression in our heads: those who abuse paper money don’t like money at all.

But this fact is not accurate.

When those people crease money, they are increasing the size of the money.

They don’t have enough money in their lives, so they will have some kind of anger in their hearts, because lack of money will make them feel limited in their ability.

In addition, these people may be afraid of hierarchy, so they like to mess up their money.

However, after they crumpled the money, it is likely that it will be smoothed out.

“Six, I never carry cash” This kind of situation that never carries cash usually appears to those rich people.

Rich people have a sense of unease when facing the material properties of money.

On the contrary, the infinite power they bring to the virtual currency will produce a more wonderful illusion.

Credit cards symbolize an endless ‘net’ wealth, which has become cheap and vulgar for paper money.

This illusion of wealth and net worth is also applied to CESA, although chips are used instead of cash.

“For men, when they touch the money, there is also a sense of sexual satisfaction. They will feel strong, show their male power, and even show off.  In short, the thrill of touching a sturdy stack of money will make those who are afraid of losing it feel at ease.

“Seven, I only like large denominations of banknotes.” In the eyes of these people, there is a clear disparity between small and large bills.

They always like to reduce large denominations, a hard-to-find 500-euro note to show that they belong to the elite class.

This is a way of expressing yourself: ‘look, the 500 euro note belongs to me, and the 10 euro note belongs to you.

“” Eight, I like to touch coins “This is a typical mentality of men.

Coins have a projective meaning, representing history and men.

In the Middle Ages, wallets were called “money pouches” and they were nouns with plasma pills.

In human history, the only real money was gold or silver coins, stuffed with purses and clanging.

Men who like to play with coins have a masturbation-like pleasure.

They like to have a lot of coins in their pockets and walk around jingling as if they are showing off their sexual organs.

While touching the coins, they also relived the feeling of being a little boy.

“Nine, I folded the money up and down.” The idea of these people is almost a collector-accumulate money and praise it.

The thrill of touching a beautiful banknote is far more than a simple physical satisfaction.

This small piece of paper has become a magical icon that can imagine thousands of uses.

It transcends reality while retaining its own value as long as the money is not spent.

This practice is typical of the elderly syndrome.

They folded up the money and even unfolded them. At this time, they would have a deep love.

Three types of feelings that can increase happiness


Three types of feelings that can increase happiness

A weary woman walks hard in the desert and is thirsty.

You gave her a piece of gold. Not only did she not rejoice, but she glared at you with resentful eyes. You are wronged like this: “What do you want?”

I am giving you a piece of gold!

More expensive than water!

“A woman in life is like a walker in the desert. Do you really know: What stage do women need at the most?

Gold or water?

銆€銆€鈼?A warm feeling that is recognized by the family. No matter how beautiful her face is, how powerful she is, returning home, she is the wife of the husband, the mother of the child!

The applause and honor outside is not the whole of her life. What she needs is the recognition of her lover and family.

In fact, in the end, she is only a woman, a small woman, an ordinary woman.

The moment when I stepped into the house, the glamour of my career, the admiration of my subordinates, the appreciation of the leader. everything in the outside was replaced by her heart.

Because, everyone has a soft heart of pearls.

銆€銆€鈼?A very delicate, very practical sense of security. If two men confess to me: One is at the grand ball, holding ninety-nine roses and confessing to me on one knee; one is just two people walking together.When I was, I kept walking on my left hand side.

I think, I will choose shells.

Sometimes women don’t need a piece of eye-catching “gold”, which is for outsiders.

On the contrary, a detail will make it easier for a woman to move, and let a woman’s heart bloom like a flower.

In your world, you don’t have to be an awkward swearing. Sometimes women need only a sense of security that always feels loved.

銆€銆€鈼?A man surrounded by happiness is a man who is a father, and his wife has a child to greet at the door.

The man will take the child and say, “Baby, Dad is back!

He gave the child into the house, but left his wife at the door.

However, what is the use of a man who is so long?

Why not hold the child and his wife together, and then pat the shoulders of the lover?

As a wife, how much she hopes to get her husband’s approval, how she wants to see her husband’s love.

A kiss, a hug, is enough to give a woman a sense of well-being surrounded by love.

銆€銆€So, love her, learn to show in front of her, let her feel your love is always around!

銆€銆€After all, what women need is a feeling of being surrounded by love, a very solid, very safe feeling, a feeling that is seen in the details.

Understand and meet the needs of women, men will no longer have the feeling of “woman heart, sea needle”.

And women, also suspected of taking men as the whole of your life, in addition to love, you have family, friendship, you can also have your own career and communication circle.

In fact, the other party does not love you, but your “love” and “being loved” are not in line. Therefore, in order to communicate more, two people must come out of closed love to achieve an emotional blend.