Develop a mini game for baby’s body function

Develop a mini game for baby’s body function

Your baby’s body functions should be developed as soon as possible. Now teach parents to play some parent-child games to make you entertain.

  Simulate bowling: Get a bowling track in the hallway of your home, then place 6 empty water bottles aside and prepare a tennis ball.

Ask your baby to help you divide all the water bottles into triangles and count the number of bottles with him loudly.

  Then, let the baby push the tennis ball out like a bowling ball. After the water bottle is poured, ask him: “How many water bottles did you knock down?”

“Then he counted the standing water bottles with him, and got the number of water bottles that fell.

  Just like that, get up the water bottle with your baby, arrange it, and play the game again.

  What babies can learn from: When they are playing tennis, they learn the balance of eyes and hands, and when they count the falling bottles, they learn simple addition and subtraction.

  Choose the mood to paint with your baby, and draw happy, sad, crazy, more and stupid facial expressions.

  Make a lentils bag-you can put dried lentils in your socks, and then tightly seal the mouth of the socks (be careful, because if your baby swallows lentils, it may cause suffocation) Then, spread the paper of the face you just said on the floor.

  Then asked the children: “What do you feel at the birthday party?

Or “What was your mood when your sister took your toy away?”

“Let the children throw the lentils in the right mood.

After that, let your baby ask you questions and let you choose your mood.

  What the baby can learn: Through this game, the baby can equate his mood and words. In addition, throwing lentil bags has also trained his throwing skills, and drawing things has also trained his hands-on ability.
  Use a long colored rope to make a straight line on the ground, zigzag lines or curves, and then give your baby some interesting challenges, such as “go straight”, “walk on your toes, go zigzag””Go backward and walk the curve in three big steps” You can see the baby’s special creativity.

  What the baby can learn: Although this game is simple, the baby can learn dual purpose and practice balance.

Focus, he focuses on his balance and physical coordination and integration, and his little head thinks about how to complete your complicated tips.

It’s a good preschool education.

Hypersexuality is a manifestation of mania

Hypersexuality is a manifestation of mania

A few people with obvious physical symptoms may experience alternative auditory hallucinations.

They have less need for sleep without feeling tired.

Increased appetite and sexual desire are higher than usual.

The pursuit of pleasure is adventurous.

  Rising emotions often make people excited, full of expression and active, bright eyes and happy mood, causing optimism, but also easy to lose temper, will damage things and curse.

There are more words than ever before, and there is a lot of talk and laughter, and there is no end to the topic.

People will be attracted by their performances, they are willing to stop and listen to them, and even make the audience laugh and have a certain contagious effect.

Noisy because of high emotions, sometimes it will cause people to be unreasonable and quarrel with people for no reason.

  Increased activities, they feel strong and toxic, are attracted to a variety of activities, daily activities increased significantly, this matter has not been completed, but was attracted to another thing in the past.

I see him busy all day, but his work efficiency is reduced, he likes to dress, and he changes clothes every day, or even a few clothes a day.

People who have saved a lot in the past will spend more money, buy things that are not practical, and use the money without a plan.

  Agile thinking. They think quickly and associate with a wide range. They often associate from one concept to another.

The so-called “disorder of mind”, the topic is easy to change with the environment, the focus is not concentrated, and sometimes deviates from the original theme.It’s too late to think about thinking.

Exaggerated, feel good about myself, think my brain is particularly flexible and smart.

  Exaggerated to the degree of delusion, they over-evaluate themselves, think that their work is the greatest, their ability is the strongest, and even think that they are rich.

A little discovery of his own is considered an invention, and he thinks that he has some originality.

With superhuman wisdom and talent, under the control of such emotions, their behaviors are often rash, they quit their existing jobs casually, and talk about finding a better and more suitable job for them elsewhere.

Some are lavish, eat and drink in restaurants, and buy valuables in stores.

Diet and weight loss nine methods make you definitely healthy and thin

Diet and weight loss nine methods make you definitely healthy and thin

Today, thinness is synonymous with beauty.

Therefore, more and more people are willing to lose weight and even lose their health.

The following small series introduces nine healthy diet diets to help you lose weight and lose weight quickly.

  Be sure to lose weight first, drink after eating, concentrate on eating, stop changing diet habits without hungry, drink soup or water and other liquid food before meals, then eat solid food, concentrate on eating, do not do other things, it is recommendedA bite of rice can be bitten at least 20 times, because there is an enzyme enzyme that breaks down starch in the saliva. It takes a few bites to make the starch break down first, and the food that enters the stomach is smaller because it is smaller.Can reduce the burden on the stomach.

If you eat slowly, you will feel that it is easy to be full, and the food will gradually shrink, and the feeling of fullness will last longer.

Basically, as long as you don’t feel hungry, it means that your body is rich enough nutrients, you don’t have to eat any more, and you usually have a feeling of[full], which is already too much.

  Must be thin two, the principle of drinking water and drinking water two hours after a meal is[thirst to drink], do not drink water without thirst, because drinking water will actually cause a burden of high blood pressure.

(Nothing, don’t drink too much water. If you drink more water, you must be thin. The fruit should be eaten between meals. But before breakfast and after dinner, you can’t eat fruit. The best time to eat fruit is about three hours after meal, or before meal.For an hour, the time to eat dessert is the same as that of fruit. Fruit should be bitten. Try not to use the type of juice.

If you have a dessert or fruit and you have a drink, you should drink the beverage first and then eat other solid foods.

  Must be thin four, the principle: car analogy, motorcycles, cars, big trucks, if you let the motorcycle first, then the car, the last truck, the traffic will be smooth, because the motorcycle is small, highly mobile, will notCauses double.

On the other hand, if a big truck goes ahead, then a car or a motorcycle, it will definitely hinder traffic.

In the same way, the food that enters the stomach should also make the food that is the most digestible advanced, so you must drink the soup first and then eat, because the water can be directly into the small intestine without being digested by the stomach, and the whole body can be supplied with water after absorption.The soup is about five minutes, but the soup is more nutritious than water, so it is recommended to drink the soup first, so that the obese body can first add water and also get nutrition at the same time, and like water, it can increase the feeling of satiety and let the food ingest later.The amount is relatively small.

  Must be thin five, fruit in the middle of two meals: In general, solid food in the stomach takes 3-4 hours to digest, (so we usually hungry 3-4 hours after eating), while fruit needs halfDigesting from hour to hour, if you follow the traditional eating habits, eat first, then drink soup, and then eat the fruit, it will cause the bottom of the rice to be digested, the soup folder is in the middle, there is no way to supply the body’s water, the brainIt will send you a message of thirst, so that you can drink water all the time, only to relieve the thirst, but can not solve the thirst of the body.

Moreover, the solid food has not been digested, and the top layer of fruit will be spoiled after half an hour. Corrupted fruits will produce bacteria and waste gas, bacteria will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and exhaust gas will easily cause flatulence or odor.Sour, severe, will have a phenomenon of acid reflux.

Therefore, fruit must not be eaten after a meal. After eating, the fruit must be fat and will form an acidic body.

  Must be thin diet six, dinner should not be too late: because it takes 3-4 hours to digest, if it is too late to eat, sleep, the stomach will work, but when people sleep, the organs in the body will operate slowly, but this timeIf there is still a pile of things in the stomach to be digested, the blood of the body will be concentrated in the stomach to help digestion, so getting up in the morning, not only can not find the refreshing, sometimes it will feel faint, because the blood of various organs ran toThe stomach is gone, so this phenomenon will be caused.

  Certainly thin diet method seven, do not recommend eating / drinking things: 1.

Raw food: including cold drinks, lettuce, because lettuce is a cold thing, but human organs are warm environments, often eat raw food, is not good for organs.


Dairy products (including mayonnaise): Milk is for cows, not for people, so the body can’t break down the protein in milk.

The digestion of the human body is decomposed by various enzymes, but the enzyme that breaks down the milk in the human body gradually disappears after weaning, and is replaced by various enzymes that decompose ordinary food.

It is generally believed that milk is a way to accelerate the acceleration of calcium. Yes, milk does have calcium, but how much is different from how much it can be absorbed.

Protein, phosphorus content can be, but the content of phosphorus in the body and the content of calcium is the relationship between the seesaw, phosphorus conversion, the lower the calcium.

When the protein of too much milk is ingested, the concentration of phosphorus will increase and the concentration of calcium will decrease. In order to maintain the balance of phosphorus and calcium in the blood, the body will extract calcium from the bones. After a long time, the bones will gradually beInvaded.

In fact, calcium supplementation can be absorbed from other foods. Onions and apples are rich in calcium, or it is a good choice to replace milk with vegetable milk.

  Certainly lean diet method eight, the amount of soup recommended for each meal (the total amount of soup or water added): 1.

Breakfast: It is recommended to be 500 to 700 cc, because there is no water all night, so the body needs more water, breakfast is not used to drink soup, you can drink Wenpu tea (the author is very shoving), otherwise you can drink warm soy milk,Warm black tea, sugar and sugar can be, but try not to drink the general surface of the city.

After drinking the soup, you can start eating breakfast, no need to wait.


Lunch: It is recommended to drink about 400-500 cc of soup (I am a brewed laver soup sold in the market). If lunch is brought to my own convenience, I can freely drink the amount of water before the meal, so that I will be full after drinking the soup.If you are ordering a meal, you should not eat it anyway. If you have to, you would rather ruin the food and not ruin your body.

Dinner: It is recommended to have soup or water of about 4 to 5 hundred cc.

Because the metabolism will be poor at night, so drinking too much water may cause edema. If you want to lose weight, the amount of solid food for dinner is also recommended to eat less, eat more during the day (do not deliberately overweight), basically metabolized.Drop (unless there is something wrong with the body, it depends on the doctor).

  Must be thin diet method nine, drink water when you are thirsty, eat sweets when you are hungry: because that is the message from the body, do not abuse him.

After eating enough at night, if you still feel hungry, it is the nerves of the stomach. If you dare to drink, you can drink some thick wine, but you can’t take a small dish to eat. Otherwise, the effort of one day will be in vain, and you will not drink.?
), I will sleep well soon.

How parents deal with their children’s swear words

How parents deal with their children’s swear words

Coco is 4 years old.

A few days ago, my mother suddenly discovered that he had learned to swear.

However, Coco does not seem to know that these are indecent languages, but just like to imitate such intonations.

This made the mother very surprised, and at the same time very worried, would the child fail to learn this?

  ”Go to you”, “Fuck”, when the child speaks such a language to you with a childish voice, is it a bit unbelievable as a parent to believe your ears?

Due to the adverse effects of the surrounding environment, and the child’s nature of imitating, this phenomenon and many views in the process of children’s language learning.

However, if children are allowed to speak swear words for a long time, their physical health will be damaged. Parents need to be aware of this problem.

  Why do children swear bad mirrors Good at mirroring The children in the growth stage have strong imitation.

They are like a mirror. What they reflect reflects what they say. The words spoken by parents, peers, or TV programs can be the object of children’s imitation.

Whether it is a joke made by parents inadvertently or a language attack in a quarrel, it may pollute the child’s language environment.

  The best way to deal with stress When children conflict with their peers or their wishes are not met, they often vent their anger or dissatisfaction in the form of swearing. This swearing can relieve the child’s tension to a certain extentmood.

This is another lead to strengthen children’s swearing.

  To prevent children’s swearing behavior, parents can start from the following aspects: 1. Create a civilized language environment. If parents speak vulgarly and have dirty words, then it is easy for children to imitate.

Therefore, parents should improve their cultivation and set a good example for their children.

In addition, parents should purposefully screen film and television works so that children can make friends with linguistic civilization, so as to eliminate channels for children to learn swear words.

  2. Avoid strengthening children’s swear words. When children just say swear words, they often just imitate them blindly, and do not understand the meaning of these words at all.

At this time, if the parents find it interesting or show excessive tension or anger, the child may mistakenly think that swearing is a very interesting or special word, and repeat practice and imitation.

  At this moment, what parents should do is to stay as calm as possible, so that children feel that swear words are not separated from other ordinary words.

Once children feel that such words can’t attract others’ attention, they will feel boring and will not deliberately imitate these words.

  3. Express your inner feelings with appropriate words. Parents want to guide their children to express their ideas with civilized words. First, they must teach the children to use appropriate languages. For example, “Please walk away”, “You do not make sense, IVery unhappy “etc.

In this way, children will master more civilized terms when dealing with contradictions.

  4, punish the behavior of knowingly committed offenses When the child is always speaking some swear words, and in the case of repeated explanations and counseling by the parents to no avail, parents should immediately take some measures to stop the child’s behavior.

Such as reasonably depriving the child of the right to watch for prevention or to play in an amusement park, etc., to make the child deeply realize the bad consequences that swearing will bring to himself, so as to achieve the purpose of correction.

Daddy’s Exclusive Appeasement Method

Daddy’s Exclusive Appeasement Method

In general, the mother is more effective in comforting the baby, but the baby has never said that he does not like the comfort of the father.

Another, fresh, belongs to the comfort of the father, maybe there is a special magic to the baby-as soon as the baby is curious, his focus shifts, he will forget to cry.

  Daddy’s exclusive appeasement method: * Hold your baby hard.

Tighten the baby, shake it, and try your dad’s strength.

Most babies like the feeling of being tightly wrapped, which makes him feel warm and safe.

  * Use your thick throat.

Talk to your baby, sing, or simply read a piece of your work plan to him.

Suddenly I heard a rough voice different from my mother’s gentle female voice. The baby was surprised, blinked and stopped crying.

  * Authorize your baby to walk outside.

Babies like “changing stores”, like novelty, like to walk outside, which will make many babies stop crying.

  * Lightly touch your baby with your nose.

This unfamiliar movement made the baby feel novel and curious, and the bad temper escaped.

  * Hold your baby in a strange position.

Lie your baby face down on your arm, hold your face with your palm; gently shake your left hand, and gently stroke your baby’s back with your right hand.

Vision lost his head, the baby was strange, and forgot to cry.

  * Blow on his forehead.

Directly and gently blowing continuously towards the baby’s forehead, he blinked immediately and took a deep breath; you repeated it a few times and he forgot why he was crying.

But make sure you don’t catch a cold.

  * Give your baby a thumb.

Sometimes the reason for a baby crying is simple, he just wants to suck something.

Then taste the thumb of father, warm and soft, a bit strange.

The baby said, feeling good.

However, you must ensure that your fingers are carefully washed with soap.

  * A little noise.

The vacuum cleaner is turned on, and the radio or television is turned on to the endless talking program. Believe it or not, the baby will be lethargic.

How to make your baby learn to respect others

How to make your baby learn to respect others

Respecting others means more than being polite; it is a key component of a child’s healthy development.

Although self-confidence, cheerfulness, and strength may be a stepping stone for children to gradually move towards society, respect for others is one of the foundations on which they can really regain a foothold.

  At a recent gathering of friends, Lin Lin suddenly realized that her son had no idea what “the other person” was.

The five-year-old was struggling all afternoon.

Lin Lin was chatting with the guests. He suddenly expanded and shouted, “I want apple juice now!

“Lin Lin told him to wait a minute, and he yelled immediately:” Mom, shut up for me! ”

“Lin Lin was surprised by her son’s outbreak.

But what saddened her most was that what she suddenly called her son had become completely routine for him.

Although he would show unexpected disrespect to his mother at home, if it wasn’t for this party, Linlin hadn’t happened yet.

Lin Lin can’t help but think, in terms of “adhering to the elders,” she did not do enough in some aspects, which led to her son’s behavior today . Did you delete the “think” response from the child dictionary?

  How did you get here?

We may naturally blame the media, because in film and television dramas, we often see all sorts of playful words, children who are open-minded.

However, it should be said that parents should have a decisive responsibility for their children’s behavior that they do not respect.

Too many of us are ambiguous about the authority we follow, and we are eager to train our children to be independent and to think for themselves and not follow the instructions of others.

As a result, we have been too cautious in instilling compliance in our children, and there is almost no “think” of this volume in the children’s dictionary.

Disasters without psychological assistance

Disasters without psychological assistance

A severe earthquake damages people three-dimensionally. While hurting people’s physiology, it will also cause damage to the spiritual world, and this damage will continue to form after the earthquake.

The severe damage to human spirit destroys the spiritual world and disintegrates it, resulting in a kind of spiritual damage.

  ■ “How nice it was for someone to listen to her!

“In the mind of Wang Ziping, a professor at Hebei University of Science and Technology, there is always a regret.

  On the third day after the earthquake, the surviving prince witnessed the misfortune of the neighbor: a young girl across the house committed suicide.

And in the afternoon of the day of the earthquake, Wang Ziping also met the girl near the ditch.

At that time, she was working with everyone to rescue the residents who were buried in the ruins. Her body was covered with blood, and she was weary and weary.

Unexpectedly, the girl’s death was heard three days later.

There has been no explanation for her suicide.

  After many years, Professor Wang Ziping, who has been engaged in the study of earthquake sociology, understands the reason: this young woman seeks for short-sighted reasons rather than personal, otherwise, after the earthquake, the human spiritual world collapses and the concrete manifestation of destruction.

  ”A serious earthquake damages people in three dimensions. While hurting people’s physiology, it will also cause damage to the spiritual world, and this damage will continue to form after the earthquake.

The severe damage to human spirit destroys the spiritual world and disintegrates it, resulting in a kind of spiritual damage.

Wang Ziping said.

  However, at the time in Tangshan, when people were busy rebuilding their homes, how to rebuild their minds on ‘schizophrenia’ was not fully understood.

“How nice it was for someone to listen to her!

Maybe you can avoid tragedy!

Wang Ziping said with emotion.

He always felt that this was the regret of the girl and the regrets of all those who cared about her.

  ■ “I see the People’s Liberation Army, I feel more at ease” The next day after the earthquake, more than 10 am, Zhang Baowei, who was working at the prefectural committee, was buried in the ruins for more than 30 hours.

  ”At first I heard my wife crying and calling me, but then there was no sound at all. At that time it was completely dark, and I felt like I was going to die soon.

Zhang Baowei recalled that during the earthquake, because of his quick response, he pulled his wife and rolled under the bed, avoiding the collapsed house beam, and neither of the couple was injured.

But when the rescue team rescued them both, his wife was dead.

  ”Actually, we didn’t hit the two of us at all. When she died, she didn’t have any injuries. She died only with flutter and fright.

Zhang Baowei said that his wife was usually timid, and she was hit by the sudden disaster at the time.

  Zhang Baowei was rescued by the first troops arrived. He still remembers the scene at the time: “I heard a few people shouting on it, comrades, hold on!

I didn’t know how long it lasted, the light came through, and several people dragged me out.

“In the years that followed, Zhang Baowei often talked about this experience to others.

He said that while waiting for rescue in the ruins, he had too much physical strength and courage, fear, and despair, which made him almost unable to persist. “Until I saw Comrade PLA, I felt more at ease.

Zhang Baowei’s feeling is also the common feeling of many Tangshan people in the disaster.

The survey results of the Earthquake Sociology Research Group of Hebei Polytechnic University show that in the early stage of the earthquake disaster, the most urgent and common desire of the people in the disaster area was to communicate with the outside world as soon as possible in order to eliminate the inner sense of loneliness, loss, and abandonment.Wait for negative emotions.

And there are 52 “events in which the mood began to calm after the earthquake”.

9% answered that “the PLA is on the front line of disaster relief”, 29 of them.

1% of the people answered that “he heard the condolences of the CPC Central Committee.”

  Many Tangshan people have such memories. They surrounded the people after their injuries or the destruction of their homes. They did not shed tears in extreme pain. When the sound of “Eastern Red” came from the radio wavesBut they couldn’t help the tears .

I always lose a lot of hair when I wash my hair

I always lose a lot of hair when I wash my hair

Why do I lose a lot of hair every time I wash my hair?

If it is not for scalp health reasons, it must be because you have not washed your hair properly. The wrong way to wash your hair may cause you to lose more than you pay, or even damage your hair and lose your health.

Here’s how to properly wash your hair.

… 6 Tips for Correct Hair Washing Tips Before shampooing, shampooing and shampooing should be avoided, so comb your messy hair before shampooing.

When combing hair, use a sparse comb to smooth the cluttered and knotted hair, and then comb from the end of the hair until it can be smoothly combed from the root to the end of the hair.

When combing hair, pay attention that it is best not to start from the beginning of the hair, so as not to damage the hair root.

  Best shampoo temperature shampoo temperature is 31?
A suitable temperature is 38 ° C.

If the water is too hot, it will easily hurt the hair, making it brittle and easy to break; if the water is too cold (cold), it will have a poor oil removal effect and will not wash well.

When replacing water, the water mixture must be roughly the same, and it should not be cooled first or hot first or cold first.

Because warm water can expand the skin capillaries and superficial dermis blood vessels, open sweat holes and promote the excretion of metabolic waste, so the detergency is stronger than cold water, especially the dirt attached to the hair shaft can be removed more easily.

According to the order of shampooing, after the hair is finally washed, the next time the hair is flushed, the temperature of the water should be appropriately reduced, so that the scales on the scalp are closed better.

Hair will also be smoother.

  Washing hair wet Wet dry hair is currently popular in young people, but this method of shampooing is not suitable for elderly people.

Because dry shampoos often use chemical shampoos, and massaging the scalp during shampooing, it is easy to open the capillaries and absorb chemicals in the shampoo.

Long-term accumulation can easily cause cerebral infarction.

  Therefore, it is best to wet your hair when washing your hair, and use a shower head to let the water run down your hair. It is best not to use the method of completely soaking your hair in the washbasin.

  The correct way to shampoo is to use only a small amount of shampoo on the hair. Shampoo should not be used to scratch the scalp with your fingernails. Use your fingertips to slide regularly. The intensity should be soft, especially for long hair.Rub the hair with both hands, as this will hurt the epidermis of the hair.

Proper intensity can promote blood circulation in the brain and promote the elimination of metabolic waste from the body.

  Moderate rinse conditioner spreads evenly on hair 2?
After 3 minutes, you can rinse.

Maybe you don’t know that the water temperature will affect the subsequent styling effect, so the water temperature in the last pass must be slightly lowered, so that the scales are closed better, and the hair will feel very soft to the touch.

Because wet hair is very fragile and friction is likely to cause damage, it is necessary to wash it thoroughly twice to try to rinse without leaving sticky matter.

  Tips for Drying Hair Do not wipe your hair with a wet towel. Use a large, dry towel to absorb all the water from the hair, and then comb with a large tooth comb.

When combing, move gently, because the hair roots that have just been washed and massaged will have faster blood circulation, pores will also be open, and the hair will easily break.

Don’t overdo summer skincare products_1

Don’t abuse summer skincare

Summer is here. In the face of the hot sun, many beautiful women often pay more attention to their skin.

But extra people find that: sometimes the more you take care of your skin, the more problems you have. Why is this?


hzh {display: none; }  美容师提醒,女性首先要了解自己的皮肤,选对适合自己的正确美容方法,并持之以恒地护理。Misuse or abuse of skin care products may make people lose their existing beauty and health in the pursuit of beauty.

Sometimes over-care of the skin, or not taking care of the nature of your skin, will cause new skin problems. Case 1: Whitening has an immediate negative effect. Many women have this experience: usually the pace of life is too fast, no time to care for the skin,Suddenly one day I looked in the mirror and found that my skin had blisters, acne, pimples and other problems. I couldn’t wait to solve it immediately.

  Huang Shuer is one example.

“I bought a lot of acne and whitening products under impulse, and after using it, I found that new problems appeared again.

“Huang Shuer was very nervous.

She said that one day when she looked in the mirror and suddenly found that her skin had too many acne and uneven skin tone, she immediately went to the mall and bought a lot of products for acne and whitening. At that time, it did have an immediate effect.

After using the precipitate, she found that her skin had pigmentation, and the skin had no doping effects such as elasticity, which made her distressed.

  Experts: “Shenxiao” skincare products or “cosmetics with harmful ingredients” are indeed a lot more advanced than in the past, and products developed are becoming more and more perfect.

But there is still a long way to go before all people’s faces are perfected.

“Li Dan said that consumers must be extra careful with some skin care products that produce” magic effects “immediately after use, because these products may contain harmful ingredients to the skin, and some may even cause irreversible consequences.

  She mentioned that women’s skin care should be persistent, but the desire to repeat skin care products is not as fast.

If conditions permit, buy skin care products and choose a brand, and do a trustworthy beauty salon.

There are many unknown skin care products that are often advertised as having strong clearing power for facial pimples, acne, and acne, and significant whitening effects. This type of skin care products that can have an immediate effect may contain harmful ingredients to the human body.

For example, the “steroids” known as beauty elixir have an excellent effect in treating facial blister, but long-term use will cause skin atrophy.

“Hydroquinone” is a skin bleaching agent that can cause irreparable pigmentation over time.

In addition, although “A acid” is very effective for firming skin and removing freckles, improper use can cause skin irritation, accompanied by various effects such as peeling and drying.

1-2 year old focused training game

1-2 year old focused training game

Attention always occurs simultaneously with feeling, perception, memory, imagination, and thinking.

If a person does not have a good quality of attention, it will directly affect the development of his feelings, perception, memory, imagination and thinking ability, and it will also affect his efficiency of doing things.

Many children have difficulty learning after school because they are not developing well.

Therefore, training children’s attention is an important responsibility of teachers and parents.

  Recommended games: 1. Wear a hat.

This is a matching game. Parents put the bottles and caps of various empty plastic bottles in the home into two piles and let the baby pair them to “wear the proper hats” on the bottles.

The size of the bottle cap should be clearly distinguished, so that the baby can pay more attention to the observation in the hands-on operation, while also training the muscles of the little hand.

  2. Cooperative painting.

Parents can collaborate with their babies on “art creation.”

Parents draw a single line with dark thick strokes, leaving some simple straight lines with light thick strokes, let the baby draw with dark thick strokes on light lines, and cooperate to complete an outline.

After the baby has mastered it, he can replace the description with the copywriting, starting with simple line drawings such as horizontal lines and vertical lines, gradually increasing the difficulty.