Beer meets fitness and enjoys thin all summer

Beer meets fitness and enjoys “thin” all summer

In the summer, drinking natural beer to relieve heat and sweating in the gym may seem parallel, but they are not.
Beer’s low calories, fast replenishment and thirst quenching make it a new favorite of fitness enthusiasts. These secrets will let you reveal them one by one.
  The mystery of “beer belly”-misunderstood low-calorie beverages. People often say “beer belly”, but the real behind-the-scenes man is not beer.
Because beer is low in calories and calories.
The alcohol content of beer on the market is generally 3.
6 ~ 5.
1 degree, press 3.
At 6 degrees, the heat of a beer (330 ml) is about the same as a red Fuji apple (300 g).
The real culprit of “Beer Belly” is other foods that people match with when they drink beer, such as fried foods, barbecue foods, etc., which will cause the human body to take in too much calories.
The same amount of beer is lower in calories than common drinks, so it is easier to lose weight by drinking beer.
  Supplement physical fitness, drink scientifically and healthier. Beer supplement has stronger physical fitness function, making fitness and weight loss easier.
Ramon Barbani, a professor of medical exercise physiology at the University of Barcelona in Spain, said that drinking a moderate amount of beer after exercise can help eliminate muscle soreness and physical fatigue.
Beer ingredients have anti-oxidant effects, and the reason for muscle soreness is that muscle fibers carry out important oxidative activities during exercise. Drinking beer can ease this process.
The professor also pointed out that muscle fatigue may also be caused by the oxidation process, which can also be eliminated by drinking beer.
Eliminating muscle soreness after fitness is a headache for all enthusiasts, and beer is a good way to speed up recovery.
  Good taste and good taste relieve thirst. Beer with rich taste and slightly bitter taste will quench thirst.
Manuel Castillo-Garzon, a professor of medical physiology at the University of Granada, points out that in order to relieve thirst caused by high temperature or exercise, the human body needs some flavor, which is not provided by water but can be provided by beer.
As early as the third issue of “Health and Beauty” in 2008, there was also research showing that the carbon dioxide in beer helps people overcome thirst faster because the carbohydrates in beer can supplement the energy that people lose during exercise;And the sugar, salt, and foam contained can spread through the stomach wall, helping to eliminate thirst.
  Fitness enthusiasts choose beer instead of other drinks. In addition to the above reasons, because beer and fitness are unisex lifestyles, the combination of the two forms a new attitude to balance life.
But remember that everything must be moderate and not excessive. Take advantage of the best period of fitness, and lose weight with the rhythm of moderate fitness and beer!

How temperature rises beat spring acne muscles


How temperature rises beat spring acne muscles

The spring is warm and comfortable, but too many people find the shells, and the acne on the back begins to unclog.

Too many netizens have posted inquiries about acne, but the online answers may not be accurate. Health Weekly answers some common conjectures: According to the perspective of Chinese medicine, acne caused by damp heat has pus, and acne caused by yin deficiency is wine rice, acneWait.

For comprehensive prevention, you must eat more vegetables and less meat, quit snacks and fry hot foods.

  Guess one: Is it possible to prevent acne by washing the front face every day?

  Judgment: Wrong!

To prevent acne, washing your face daily is not a good strategy. The reason is that too many face washings will stimulate the sebaceous glands and increase the secretion of facial oil. Washing your face once in the morning and evening is enough.

When washing your face, clean your face with circular movements, which can effectively push the dirt out of your skin.

  Conjecture 2: Acne is caused by the accumulation of skin oil, so the key to care is to use skin care products with higher cleanliness.

  Judgment: Wrong!

If the skin is dehydrated and dry, it will also make the skin less moisturized and secrete more oil.

Therefore, the key to care is to pay attention to skin moisturization and balance water and oil secretion. Use a small amount of refreshing, oil-free lotion to supplement skin moisture.

  Conjecture 3: The technique of picking up acne is not enough, let it be left to the beauty salon.

  Judgment: Be cautious, because some beauty salons are not disinfected in place and can easily cause infection.

If acne is severe, it is recommended to go to a professional dermatologist for help.

For ordinary acne, remember not to scratch or rub the skin wound. You can apply a good-quality anti-inflammatory mask every week to completely remove pores and dirt.

But don’t pick a peel or scrub.

Color enhances self-confidence

Color enhances self-confidence

Are you depressed?

Maybe look at the blue stuff.

A new British study shows that although blue has long been thought to be associated with negative factors, this color can also enhance self-confidence, avoid psychological stress and make people happy.

In addition, the study also showed that blue gives people agility.

  Researchers at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom have volunteers placed in various coloured lights.

The results showed that volunteers in blue were able to complete the test 25% faster.

Their response time increased by 12%, and hand-eye coordination and ability to recall words improved.

  The researchers recorded brain activity, heart rate, and perspiration each time the volunteers were exposed to a color.

They found that blue helped calm men and women.

Purple is relaxing, but only for women.

Blue and green make men happy, and blue, purple and orange make women good.

  The study showed that blue and red are helpful for men, and blue and purple are most effective for women in building confidence.

A total of 1,000 volunteers participated in the survey.

Although red enhances men’s self-esteem, it makes people least likely to feel happy or relaxed.

  Researcher Duncan Smith said: “Many people think that a certain color makes them happy, nervous or calm, or makes them happy, sad, lazy, and energetic.

The purpose of our research is to affirm or deny the above-mentioned effects of certain colors with solid and strong scientific evidence.

How to maintain skin in winter


How to maintain skin in winter

In winter, when the temperature rises and falls, the skin will become tight and dry due to the reduction of sweat glands, secretion of skin glands and loss of dissolved water.

Therefore, it is more important to perform beauty skin care in winter.

  (1) Before going out, apply some oily body cream on the exposed skin, especially using lip balm on the lips.

  (2) Reduce the number of times you wash your face with hot water, 1?
Twice, wash your face with less alkaline soap.

  (3) Frequently massage facial skin to promote blood circulation. Can be used every week?
2 masks.

  (4) After washing your face, apply oily skincare cosmetics. If cracks appear on the skin of your hands or feet, apply some anti-cracking ointment.

  (5) Drink plenty of water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat chicken, fish, and meat in moderation to supplement water and nutrition in the body.

Do you know me-Seventh Nutrient

Do you know me-“Seventh Nutrient”

People now know me and like me. They call me dietary fiber, and they call me “seventh nutrient.”
I am a residue of plant food that cannot be digested and absorbed by the human gastrointestinal tract.
  It is because of the “residue” that I am not as lucky as my six brothers, such as protein and fat. People used to say that I was “not nutritional” and I didn’t pay much attention in nutrition.
Thirty years ago, medical scientists realized that people are eating more and more refined, and more and more suffer from diseases such as diabetes, obesity, ischemic heart disease and rectal cancer.
As a result, my value has doubled, and I am known as the “seventh nutrient” alongside protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.
  Actually, I’m a twin. My brother is called soluble fiber, which can dissolve in water and form a gel in water. It is mainly found in oats, beans, fruits, seaweed and some vegetables; the other is notSoluble fiber, mainly found in whole grain products such as wheat bran, vegetables and nuts.
If you want to ensure good health, both of us need it.
The properties and effects of our brothers are very different. Soluble fiber has a significant reduction in postprandial blood glucose and concentration.
  My role is as follows: Hypoglycemic: When I enter the stomach and intestines, it looks like a sponge. It absorbs water and swells into a gel, which increases the viscosity of the food, delays the absorption of glucose in the food, and increases the satiety and sugar intakeThe reduction prevents a sharp rise in blood sugar after a meal.
At the same time, after the soluble fiber absorbs water, it can also form a “isolation layer” on the surface of the small intestinal mucosa, which hinders the intestinal absorption of glucose, and the unabsorbed glucose is discharged from the body with the stool.
In addition, I can also increase the sensitivity of insulin, reduce the need for insulin through the hypoglycemic effect of insulin mutual aid.
  Lipid-lowering: Cholesterol is a fatty substance in the blood that increases the risk of coronary heart disease and stone disease.
After I enter the body, I can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine, promote the excretion of bile, lower blood cholesterol levels, and prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease and stone disease.
  Fight against hunger: I am the most important weapon against hunger.
When I absorb water in the stomach and intestines, it expands the stomach and intestines, produces a feeling of fullness, and sends a signal that I am full, which inhibits you from eating more food.
Helps diabetes and obese patients control their diet.
  Weight loss: I restricted the absorption of some sugars and lipids in the gastrointestinal tract, which increased my body fat consumption.
At the same time, if you can eat more dietary fiber in the morning, your ability to deal with hunger at night will be stronger, and eating at night is the most detrimental to weight loss.
I can help you lose weight easily and you will not feel any discomfort.
  Laxative: Since I can absorb water and swell, the contents of the intestines increase in volume, which makes the stool softer and looser. It will pass faster and less labor when passing through your intestines. At the same time, I can promote intestinal peristalsis and shorten intestinal contentsThe time that the matter passes through the intestines, I can play a role in moisturizing, constipation and hemorrhoids.
  Detoxification and pain relief: I can promote intestinal peristalsis, which shortens the retention of many poisons, such as phenol, ammonia, and bacteria, aflatoxins, nitrosamines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other carcinogens in the intestine.Time, reduce the retention and absorption of poison in the intestine.
In addition, because I can absorb water and swell, the contents of the intestine increase in volume, which has a dilution effect on the poison and reduces the effect of the poison on the intestine.
I can also combine with carcinogens, so I can detoxify and prevent cancer.
  Enhance disease resistance: I can increase the activity of phagocytes, strengthen the body’s immune function, and help prevent infection and cancer.
  In recent years, due to the improvement of living standards, people’s food tends to be fine, and the total dietary fiber intake per capita has shown a downward trend. The high-protein, high-fat, high-calorie “three high” diet structure has made obesity, diabetes, and the heartThe number of patients with disease and hyperlipidemia has increased, which has caused scholars at home and abroad to pay attention to the dietary fiber content in food.
You can estimate if you need to supplement me from your daily bowel movements.
―Generally healthy people should have bowel movements once a day. If the stool is dry and the amount is less than 100 grams, it indicates a lack of dietary fiber and proves that you lack me.
Adding enough dietary fiber daily is a guarantee of health.

How to protect the baby’s health

How to protect the baby’s health

Experts point out that pregnant women infected with Hepatitis B Sanyang should pay attention to the following aspects: If Hepatitis B Little Sanyang, liver function is normal, HBV-DNA negative or within normal values (5 × 100 copies / ml), can be pregnant.

  1. Regularly checking pregnancy will reduce the immunity of pregnant women. Therefore, you must closely observe your physical condition during pregnancy and regularly go to the hospital to check your liver function.

  2, maternal and child rehabilitation of pregnant women with hepatitis B small Sanyang is best during pregnancy.


Starting from 9 months, one injection of hepatitis B immunoglobulin will be given each month. One injection of hepatitis B immunoglobulin is injected intramuscularly within 48 hours after the birth of the newborn, and another injection will be given every two weeks., Plan 6 “for hepatitis B vaccination.

Therefore, more than 95% of newborns can be combined with the vertical transmission of the previous generation of hepatitis B mothers to obtain a healthy body.

  3, after breastfeeding and other hepatitis B small Sanyang childbirth, the condition needs to be reviewed. Breast milk cannot be replaced during the active period of viral replication. The mother can be actively treated after the body recovers. It is critical to completely cut off the source of infection.

Usually, the mother must disinfect the bottle before feeding it with the bottle. She should also wash her hands carefully. Do not kiss the child or feed the baby mouth to mouth. Try to reduce excessive contact with the baby ‘s body.Toiletries and tableware should be disinfected frequently, and must be absolutely separated from your baby’s supplies.