Eating more carrots and cabbage can help you refresh

Eating more carrots and cabbage can help you refresh

[Introduction]In spring, as the temperature rises, skin pores expand, blood supply increases, and the oxygen supply to the brain decreases accordingly, so there is a phenomenon of lethargy, lethargy, and spring sleepiness that manifests as central nervous system depression.

  ”Spring sleep is not clear”, spring sleep is not a disease, but a physiological phenomenon that occurs when human physiological functions change natural climate change.

  When people are sleepy in spring, their minds are not clear enough, their limbs are tired, which affects the driver’s ability to respond and respond to changes, and brings potential hidden dangers to safe driving.

Eating more food to prevent tiredness is a good way to prevent springfall.

  Vitamins are true sobers, and do not prevent you from eating more carrots, Chinese cabbage, leeks, potatoes, vitamins and other foods.

Alkaline foods can neutralize the acidic substances produced when muscles become tired, such as apples, kelp and fresh vegetables.

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and fights tiredness.

Caffeine-containing foods include tea, coffee and chocolate.

  People who lack potassium are tired and weak, so in the spring people should pay attention to supplement foods with higher potassium content, such as soybeans, amaranth and citrus.

  In the spring days, some people are prone to an eye disease, and the typical symptom is itchy eyes.

If you drive in this situation, it will affect the visual function and easily cause a car accident.

This disease is called catarrhal conjunctivitis and is an allergic disease.

Allergens are mainly weeds, trees, pollen or mold in spring.

Because drivers often drive out, this disease is prone to occur.

The precaution is to close the windows when driving.

  Although conjunctivitis is not a very serious consequence, it is best for drivers not to drive out when they have conjunctivitis.