Autumn sleep of TCM health cheats

Do not eat or move, close your eyes, wake up to achieve health effects, I believe this is very attractive to urban people who are afraid of trouble, this is the most easy way to maintain health.

One third of a person’s life is spent in sleep.

The correct way of sleep and good sleep state are closely related to health.

Traditional Chinese medicine advocates “no disease first prevention” and “upper work treatment is not sick”, noting that the physical and mental health is nourished, which is called “shunning four seasons and adapting to the heat and cold, and living in a place of anger and anger, and adjusting the yin and yang.”Highlight the health-care perspective that focuses on improving righteousness and disease resistance.

The so-called “righteousness in the air, evil can not be done”, by regulating the daily way, can prevent health and disease.

Because of sleep health, Chinese medicine naturally has its own secrets.

銆€銆€Focus on sleep can raise both “sleeping food,” for the health care.

“Good sleep can replenish energy and rejuvenate. It has the effect of “cultivating Yin and cultivating yuan”.

Therefore, master the essentials of sleep and health, and change the way to maintain a simple and easy way to maintain health.

銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicine infers the overall view of “Heaven and Man”, the human body must maintain the harmony of the body, but also pay attention to the harmony with the external environment of nature.

Chen Xiuhua, deputy director of the Traditional Rehabilitation Center of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that after the spring, summer, long summer, autumn harvest, winter seasons, the human body must be adapted to it, so there is a “four o’clock health”.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the yang of nature gradually converges and closes. At this time, it is necessary to pay more attention to the maintenance of the yin in the living, which causes the sleep health to be justified.

銆€銆€”Early morning and early morning, winter morning and evening” is the main way to sleep and health at this time.

For specific sleep time, it is recommended to take a break every night (ie 9:00-11) to help you fall asleep at the time of child (11:1 to 13:00).

Because the child is the weakest yang, when the yin is the most prosperous, then sleep, the most able to raise yin, the quality of sleep is also the best, often can achieve twice the result of the health effect.

銆€銆€There are different opinions about the direction of sleeping, which is amazing.

Some studies have pointed out that due to the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field, people take the position of the head north and south when they sleep, so that the magnetic field lines smoothly penetrate the human body, which can instead reduce the interference of the earth’s magnetic field.

Previous ancient healthologists believed that the direction of human sleep should change with the alternation of spring, summer, autumn, and winter seasons.

The famous medical scientist of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen, mentioned in the “Qian Jin Fang”: “The mortal is lying, spring and summer to the east, autumn and winter to the west.

“This is because of the “should be lying in the air at four o’clock”, because the five seasons of Chinese medicine correspond to the five parties, there are Chundong, Xia Nan, Chang Xiazhong, Qiu Xi, Dongbei, so sleepThe orientation also corresponds to the current solar terms.

(I have reviewed other books on this point. Chinese medicine health does not advocate heading north to sleep.

The north is the place of the tide.

We can also refer to the description of the ancient position.

You can study the few doors of the original Beijing city, the season of opening, when to open.

Associate Professor Chen Xiuhua pointed out that other these theories have certain truths, but in real life, they are affected by the orientation of the house and the layout of the home. However, there are certain limitations. The citizens do not have to be too particular about these theories, which leads to certain concerns.

On the contrary, it is recommended that everyone should pay attention to ensure adequate sleep time, before going to sleep should be “seduce the mind”, drink hot milk or royal jelly, or use warm water to massage, preferably with foot massage, etc., to benefit “heart and kidneyIntersect”. These measures have a more pronounced effect on improving sleep quality.

銆€銆€Medicinal diet sleep sleep disorders insomnia, dreams, shallow sleep, easy to wake up, I believe is the most familiar leak in the sub-health urban people.

These sleep disorders belong to the TCM theory of “not swearing”, “depression”, “flawy”, “heart palpitations” and other samples, which are associated with various diseases and cause different types of sleep disorders.

Such as depression is associated with Western medicine depression, anxiety syndrome, older syndrome, old and physical or chronic illness, and “fatigue” will also affect sleep; sleep disorders caused by digestive disorders, and Chinese medicine”The stomach is not harmonious, it is restless” is consistent; cardiovascular palpitations, shortness of breath and nighttime paroxysmal dyspnea can also affect sleep.

銆€銆€Associate Professor Chen Xiuhua said that in the autumn and winter seasons, it is advisable to make up for it.

After the diagnosis and diagnosis by senior professional Chinese medicine practitioners, it is the best time to treat sleep disorders by applying pharmacotherapy to regulate the body and nourish the nerves.

For the common clinical syndrome types, some Chinese medicine treatment prescriptions are recommended for reference.

銆€銆€鈼?Heart and kidney dissipate type manifested as upset night sweats, dizziness, tinnitus, dry throat, red tongue, less tongue coating, apathetic, weak waist and knees; men slippery and impotence, women’s menstruation is not adjusted, such insomnia is mostly middle-aged, conditioningRaise the heart, nourish the kidneys, and calm the nerves.

銆€銆€Symptomatic Diet: 1.

Huanglian Ejiao Tanghuanglian 5g, white peony 10g, add water decoction to 100g, add dissolved gelatin 30ml, fresh eggs 2, go to egg white to take egg yolk, add medicinal juice, boil soup, can raise yin and diarrhea, benefitKidney Ning Xin.


Lily lotus seeds stewed pork fresh lily, fresh lotus seeds 60g each, lean meat 200g, washed into the oil pan fried, add water, ginger onions, glutinous rice wine, boil over high heat, turn to simmer for 30 minutes.

Once a day, even for a few days, you can clear your heart and lungs, nourish the spleen and kidney, and calm your nerves.銆€銆€鈼?Liver and kidney yin deficiency This type of syndrome is caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency, mainly characterized by hot flashes, night sweats, dizziness, tinnitus, red tongue and little moss.

To nourish the liver and kidney, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves as the principle of conditioning.

銆€銆€Symptomatic Diet: 1.

鏋告潪 lotus seed lily soup will be appropriate amount of sputum, lotus seeds, lily washed, add rock sugar to boil, there is tonic liver and kidney, clear heart and lungs effect.


Red steamed chicken will be cooked with yellow wine, ginger and shallot, and then steamed for 2 hours in red dates and lotus leaves.

It has nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing qi and blood, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves, suitable for yin deficiency, kidney deficiency constitution, and sequelae of stroke, limb numbness tonic.

銆€銆€鈼?The heart and blood deficiency type is pale, tired and weak, dry skin, short heart and shortness of breath, and unhealthy sleep, such as coronary heart disease and emphysema, all of which belong to the heart-loss type of sleep disorder.

To nourish the blood and soothe the nerves as the principle of conditioning.

銆€銆€Symptomatic Diet: 1.

Dangshen Angelica stewed pig heart codonopsis 40-60g, angelica 10g, pig heart one, put into the casserole, add some water, simmer with simmer until the pig heart is rotten.

It has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the nerves.


Huaiwei Yuan meat stewed rabbit meat or mutton Huaishan, 鏋告潪, Yuan meat amount, with rabbit meat or mutton stew, can also add Ejiao juice to enhance blood, the best autumn and winter tonic, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, Buzhong Yiqi.


30 grams of ginseng soup ginseng, 30 grams of brown sugar.

Slice the ginseng, add about 100 grams of water, fry for about 30 minutes, juice, add brown sugar and stir to take.

Can make up the vitality, nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation.

銆€銆€鈼?Heart and spleen deficiency type more common heart and forgetfulness, God tired and tired, diet tasteless, face color Shaohua, pale tongue and thin white.

More because of too much thought, work and rest disorders, hurting the heart and temper.

Conditioning to strengthen the spleen and nourish the heart, replenishing qi and blood as the principle.

銆€銆€Symptomatic Diet: 1.

60g of jujube porridge, jujube kernels, stir-fry, put into the pot, add water to fry for 15-20 minutes, take juice for use.

Then wash 400g of stalked rice and pour the liquid into it. At this time, you can also add 6-8 granules of nucleus red dates. After boiling for 20 minutes, simmer until the rice is cooked.

There are nourishing yin, filling the heart, and calming the nerves.


Ganmai jujube soup wheat shelling 100g, jujube 15 pieces, licorice 18g, fried in water into two bowls of soup, taken before bed, and even served for 6 days.

It has the effect of calming the mind, replenishing qi and nourishing the heart, and is a common insomnia prescription for Chinese medicine.


Guipi Decoction or Guipi Pills conditioning to replenish the heart and spleen, nourish the heart and calm the nerves, is the most commonly used prescription.