Five secret recipes to get rid of blackheads and let pores breathe deeply_1

Five secret recipes to get rid of blackheads and let pores breathe deeply

To remove blackheads, we can choose a deep cleansing mask. The deep cleansing mask can exfoliate and remove auntie and blackheads smoothly. At the same time, it can clean up the skin dirt. The deep cleansing mask must be used for a long time so that the blackheads will run out!

  To remove blackheads, use soda powder to remove blackheads: add a small amount of baking soda powder to purified water or mineral water, and stir with a small spoon at a ratio of 1:10 until the baking soda powder is dissolved.

A piece of cotton pad is soaked in it to make the blackhead soda water which can dissolve the greasy dirt, and then put the blackhead on the half-dried state.

After 15 minutes, you can win it completely, and the blackheads will be significantly less!

  Because soda water is alkaline and contains the function of neutralizing the skin’s acidic oils, it can effectively dissolve blackheads and remove skin oils.

To fully dissolve the blackheads, do not tear the skin.

  Salt + milk to remove blackheads: use unused salt, dissolve with milk, massage with appropriate intensity when there is still a granular state, wash off with water after half a minute, and most of the blackheads embedded in the skin are at this timeIt will already be cleaned. In order to protect the skin from the oil, you can properly spray astringent toner to shrink the pores.

  Pearl powder to remove blackheads: Pearl powder is a very good beauty and skin care product, which can remove aging cuticles and blackheads. Mix high quality pearl powder with mineral water to make a paste.

Gently massage the skin with blackheads until the pearl powder dries twice a week, which can control oil well to remove blackheads.

  Egg inner membrane to remove blackheads: There are many blackheads around us. For example, the egg inner membrane is one. Egg white has a good effect of astringent skin beauty, and the egg inner membrane is a master of blackheads.

We completely tear off the inner membrane of the egg and apply it to the place where the blackheads are dense. It will work for about 10 minutes. When the inner membrane is half-dried, the blackheads will be mostly cleaned up, which is very useful!