[How can I eat chopped stalks]_Methods_Benefits

[How can I eat chopped stalks]_Methods_Benefits

There are a lot of small spines on the ground sauerkraut. When picking, you need to be careful. Remove the impurities after picking and wash it before eating. The method of eating is also relatively simple. The ground sauerkraut is usually mostly green.Good, the ground scallions can be fried, and the meat can be used for soup. After the frying, the thorns on the surface have begun to soften. Don’t worry about getting stuck in your mouth.

Cilantro alias: small thistle, cat thistle, green thistle, millet grass, spiny thistle, green greens, amaranth, lancet, wild safflower, carrageen, wood wormwood, spinach,Thorn thorn bud, assassination grass, cricket hair, little evil chicken, thorn radish, small thistle, sedge grass, cattle jab, thorn thorn grass, small thorn coverGrass or rhizome.

Perennial herbs, born on hillsides, wastelands, roadsides or fields, are distributed throughout the country except Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, and Tibet.

Flowers are harvested in summer and autumn to remove impurities, dried, or used fresh.

Small thistle rhizomes are white and fleshy.

Weiqi, slightly bitter taste.

It is better to have more green leaves.

Season: The efficacy and role of spring and summer sashimi, diuretic and swelling, hemostasis and cooling blood, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Techniques for making seaweed dishes The young shoots of seaweed dishes are wild vegetables, stir-fried, and make spoons.

It is suitable for yang deficiency, qi deficiency, and yin deficiency constitution. It should be eaten or eaten less; sexual taste and sweetness, sweetness, bitterness, and coldness.

Guixin, Liver Classic.

Function and Indication Cooling blood to stop bleeding, removing stasis and swelling.

It is used for bleed blood, vomiting blood, urinary blood, blood in the stool, blood from avalanche, bleeding from trauma, and edema.

Proper and dosage 4.

9 grams.

Appropriate amount of fresh topical products, smash the affected area.

Attachment 1, small thistle root juice: 150g of fresh small thistle root, smashed to take juice, or washed with boiling water.

Derived from “Therapeutic Materia Medica”, “Central Chinese and Western Records”.

The fresh root cooling blood has a hemostatic effect.

It is caused by hemorrhage caused by blood heat, vomiting blood, blood in the stool, or menstruation caused by blood heat, and the menstruation is frequent.

2, Liangxue five juice drink: fresh loquat, fresh rehmannia, fresh small thistle root, fresh burdock root are equally divided.

1 cup of juice, add 1 tablespoon of honey, stir and mix well, drink it occasionally.

From “Sheng Hui Fang”.

Fresh loquat, Dihuang and burdock root can clear heat and quench thirst, and with the exception of burdock, the remaining medicines can cool blood and stop bleeding.

Suitable for blood-heat vomiting, dry mouth and thirst.

3. Small thistle drink: small thistle (whole grass), motherwort 60g each.

Add decoction, remove residue and fry until thick.

Derived from “The General Record of Shengji”.

This product is compatible with Motherwort, an essential medicine for removing blood stasis and bleeding.

After the abortion or endless stasis and bleeding, the bleeding does not stop.

4, ground horseradish juice: 150g of fresh young thistle whole young grass (small thistle seedlings), cut into sections to make juice.

Also cook soup for food.

Derived from “Therapeutic Materia Medica”, “Japanese and Chinese Materia Medica”.

This product is biased towards clearing away heat.

For Xiayue annoying and dry mouth, urination is not good.

The medicine “Medicine in Chinese Medicine” can be found in this article: Xiao Thistle, Shandong commonly known as Amaranth, and the Chinese character is a transliteration of the thistle character. It is known as the spear knife because of its spiny nature.

Its roots and stems are available, and its roots are particularly good.
Take the fresh ones and smash them, take their natural juice and boil it.
If the decoction can not be fried for a long time, it should be kept fresh, about four or five boiling, then take the soup.

In addition, the worms in their stems form pupae, shaped like jujube, and their cooling blood power is even better.

If you take more than ten fresh ones, smash them with boiling water to treat vomiting blood. Those who spit blood are especially effective due to heat.

When used, it should be taken from the raw peanuts tender and white.

Clinical application: Xiaojiyinzi (“Yuji Weiyi”) is used to treat scorching hemorrhage and urinary blood under fever.

Frequent urination, redness and aches and pains, blood in urine, or hematuria, red tongue, yellow fur, and pulse count.

30 g of habitat, 15 g of small thistle, 5 g of talc, 6 g of wood tong, 9 g of Puhuang, 8 g of juniper knot, 9 g of light bamboo leaf, 6 g of angelica, 9 g of mangosteen, 6 g of licorice

4 yuan per serving, go to slag warm clothes, before hollow food.

Fang Zhongxiao Thistle cools blood to stop bleeding, and is a remedy.


Shi Hui San (“Ten Medicine Gods Book”) cures bleeding in the upper part of bloody fever.

Coughing blood, hemoptysis, vomiting blood, bright red blood, red tongue, pulse count.

Big thistle, negative, lotus leaf, arborvitae leaf, white grass root, madder root, mandrill, rhubarb, peony skin, palm skin 9-15g each.

Warm water, also used as a decoction of decoction, take after eating.

Fang Zhongxiao Thistle is the product of cold blood, and it is the medicine of the king.


Fresh thistle products are washed, smashed or dried, and applied topically to treat wound bleeding.

Medication contraindications to those with spleen and stomach deficiency and no stasis.

“Pinhui Essentials” avoid guilty of iron.


“Ben Cao Jing Shu” is not conducive to weak stomach diarrhea and blood deficiency, and the spleen and stomach are weak and the diet is not considered.


Compendium of Materia Medica is not conducive to qi deficiency.