Female junior becomes a stumbling block

Female junior becomes a “stumbling block”

● 27 years old, she met 24 years old at the party two years ago, and experienced a state of love and non-love just because she cares about the age difference.

     ● They finally fell in love.
He wanted to have “further development” with her, and she carefully did not agree.
     ● He was not very happy when he returned home, and just happened to be splashed with cold water by his parents. The three-year-old age difference became shocking . At 2pm on the weekend, Starbucks throbbed.
Although she met Liuli for the first time, she was very upset. She must have left me in my seat and ran over to buy coffee.
The line was very long. She was lined up for less than 10 minutes. I couldn’t bear it and received a text message from her: “The kind of (coffee) you ordered is gone. Is the latte OK?
“It’s rare for girls to pay for me in interviews, and I responded in a hurry:” Okay, thank you! ”
After a few minutes, bathed in coffee, I chatted with Liuli.
Somehow talked about each other’s age.
I sincerely praise her for her good skin and youth, but she was poked at the “weakness” and her expression was immediately depressed.
     His youth has become my “heart disease” I am relatively stable at work and I am good at getting along with my colleagues. I am very content.
However, I can’t settle down emotionally. What I like doesn’t necessarily have good results, but what I don’t like always appears beside me.
Before meeting Bai Ju, I talked about a boyfriend who was 3 years older than me and had been dating for a year. We just broke up when we started to talk about marriage and marriage; after a year of separation, he turned to me again.
Although I couldn’t forget him in my heart, I was really with him, but I couldn’t forget the “crack”.
After procrastinating for another year, they still parted ways.
     Bai Ku is a classmate of a friend of mine who is three years old.
There was a party in the spring of last year. It was at this Starbucks. Only me and him at the table were not “partners”. My friend was joking and said that since Bai Kuo and I are both “famous flowers without owners”, we might as well get in touch, maybeCan spark out.
Bai Ju was not angry, and turned to chat with me.
After graduating, he devoted himself to shopping malls.
I had a good chat with him. Because my family lived in the suburbs, I had to get up early to say goodbye, and I was a little sorry, and Bai Ku joked that the talk was endless. If I agreed, he could send me back every day.Home, talk on the road.
    ”Although my first impression of Bai Ku was good, I didn’t think about it.
Just because he is three years younger than me!
“Ruri’s tone was unusually decisive.
She added that her parents always wanted her to find an older boy, and she also felt that younger boys did not necessarily want to stabilize, and her desire to become a family was not strong, so she did not even consider talking to Bai Kufeeling.
    During an outing, I saw Bai Ku again.
That time I was uncharacteristically and said almost nothing to him.
He noticed something strange about me, and found time to ask me why I ignored him. I didn’t know how to answer, so I had to pull a friend over to break the topic.
He could have taken the same car with him on the return trip. I was afraid he would chat with me again, so I had to change to another car.
I don’t understand why I’m so disoriented, maybe I’m afraid I really feel good about this three-year-old boy.
     For the next six months or so, Bai Ku and I never met again, occasionally texting each other like ordinary friends. He was busy in Lijiang and Hainan for a while.
At the end of the year, Bai Ju said that he would return to Shanghai and would like to meet with me, but I would like to attend a class reunion.
We repeatedly changed our contract and met again at this Starbucks after the Spring Festival.
It’s been more than half a year apart, and I guess he turned in a girlfriend, and he also felt that I must be in love with someone else, and the two guessed each other, and the scene was quite interesting in retrospect.
     Soon after, I went to a friend’s party.
Boring, I sent a few text messages to Bai Ju.
He asked straightforwardly if I had a boyfriend, and I replied jokingly: “No one‘ wants’ me.
He immediately texted back and said, “I want to talk to you about friends, can I?”In my heart, I texted to remind him that I was three years older than him.

He replied, “No problem.”

I was a little dizzy at that time, I don’t know if Bai Ku was joking or serious.

Then he asked me out and said that he wanted to talk about it.

So I sneaked out to the party and met him.

He told me that his family was in business and was not small in size. He also talked about his parents.

I also honestly say that my parents are ordinary workers and my family is ordinary.

Maybe I was afraid that Baiju misunderstood my greed for money. I didn’t ask much about his income, education, and position.

And he did not specifically ask about my education and family affairs.

     After that my relationship with Baiju became subtle.

He often texts and says he misses me, but I still can’t believe his sincerity.

I’m very satisfied with his character and appearance, but no one can change the iron fact that he is three years younger than me, and I’m quite worried about it.

     I did not understand Liuli’s “worry” about age. She said that after all, she was 26 or 7 years old, and could not afford emotional delays, so she just wanted to find a man who truly loved and wanted to become a boyfriend.

     He replied, “No problem.”
I was a little dizzy back then.

    His parents threw a bunch of questions before they knew it another year.

In the early summer of this year, due to a small matter, Bai Ku and I were unhappy.

The next day I was depressed, so I asked a good colleague to tell me.

She enlightened me sincerely, saying that I was not young and could not be so procrastinated. If she had feelings for Bai Ju, tell him clearly.

And my parents euphemistically advised me that Baiju and I are both in a relationship and not in a relationship. I should also be clear about what I want.

     The words of my parents gave me a little pressure. I took the initiative to ask Bai Ku to meet near my house.

It was good to go for a bar, but it was too noisy. Bai Ku suggested changing places, so we found a quiet road and talked while walking.

I want to directly ask Bai Kuo if he “means” me, but after all, I am a girl, and then swallow it when I reach my mouth.

He urged me gradually, and I had to talk about the day before.

That afternoon, I deliberately pretended to be a shy female voice and called Baiju’s company. He didn’t hear that it was me and quoted the names of other girls.

I asked him who the girl was and whether he was his girlfriend.

Bai Ku immediately answered, “I knew you would ask that.

“He later explained that he was doing business and had many contacts. That day, I was regarded as one of his middle school classmates, so I didn’t think about it.

He also said, if I want to say something, be frank.

Seeing that I still did not speak, he took the initiative to mention the issue of age, saying that although he was only 25 years old, he looked too old and looked like a man in his early 30s, and asked me if I was concerned about his looks and did n’t want to memorize himburden”?

His self-mockery made me laugh, and the atmosphere suddenly relaxed.

I also told him frankly that the girl is my age, and dating is real, and I don’t want to play with him.

Hearing me say that, he ‘s also a lot serious. He has to try everything and do n’t know how to know if it ‘s appropriate. He also advises me not to take marriage seriously, or he wo n’t be able to open his mind to know him.
     The communication that night was very good. I think Bai Ku ‘s words are very reasonable. I also think that we have known each other for almost two years and have been separated for a long time. However, no one has found a friend, indicating that the two are still quite destined, so they and himTalking about love.

We had a sweet time, shopping, chatting and watching movies together on weekends, holding hands and counting the stars, walking for hours.

Every time Bai Kui brought me close to home, I took a ride back to the city, and it was estimated that it would be three or four o’clock in the morning.

This has been the case for several months, and he was very quiet, which moved me very much.

     About here, Liuli’s relationship with Baiju progressed smoothly.

Seeing her stop for coffee, I thought to myself, that she might cause resistance in love next.

Sure enough, Liu Li’s eyes became sad when he lowered the mug.      One day in October, I played with Bai Ju late, and I asked him to go home, but he refused, hugged me, and breathed quickly.

I sensed his thoughts sensitively, and I couldn’t help but get embarrassed.

You have to know that this is the second time that Bai Ku has expressed his desire to have further “development” with me. I know that rejection will make him very unhappy, but he still resolutely gives up.

Bai Ju was disappointed and blamed me for lacking sufficient trust in him.

I denied it in my mouth, but I actually had to admit that he was right.

But what can I do?

After all, I’m older than him, and so far his parents don’t know that I have such a personal presence, how can I just commit myself to him casually?

Bai Ju couldn’t listen to my explanation, mumbled that he was still honest in the boy, and also mentioned that his mother had a high standard of selection, saying that he had talked to a girlfriend before, and the mother thought she was not white enough, “NG” without saying a word.

After hearing what he said, there are actually many contradictions between taking care of myself and Bai Ku, such as whether his parents are ordinary for me, look like, and older than Bai Ku, and look down on me?

Bai Ju was relieved at this moment, and explained to me that his parents were aware of his love, and he must find time to talk to them when he returned.

     However, that night, Bai Ku returned home late at night and found that his parents had no rest, waiting to talk to him, and questioning him and my family in detail.

When I asked, I found that Bai Ku was quite unfamiliar with my “information” in this regard, and his parents were a little upset. He told him that he had known each other for two years, and the time was not short.

Marriage is a major event in life, and you must think about it before you can settle it.

In other words, he “knocked” him from the outside. He said that I am 29 years old. He must have been in love before. How much does he know about my past?

At this age, girls must be married, but boys need not worry. The 26-year-old is the gold ranking for busy careers.

I also asked Bai Ku, a woman is easy to get old. When I have had a couple of years, and I have a child, will he think I look old?

and many more.

Bai Ju was dizzy when asked about the questions abandoned by his parents, and his attitude towards me immediately changed.

     Breaking up, or because of age, Bai Kui started to become “mysterious”, I called his company, colleagues always said that he was on a business trip, and also told me not to call the company in the future.

In the days when I lost contact, I found that I really didn’t want to lose him, so I sent several text messages in succession to talk to him.

A week ago, Bai Ku said he had something to say to me, so I came to this Starbucks and waited for him.

At 8 pm, Bai Ku changed the meeting place and asked me to go to the bar on Hengshan Road.

It was very noisy there, and Bai Ku hesitated that his mother didn’t agree with our continued relationship.

I actually had a hunch, so I was calm and asked him what he thought.

He looked sad and said he didn’t know what to do, and drank too much alcohol.

     I have nothing to say, walk out to the station and wait for the car heading upstream.

At about 10:30 in the evening, I received another text message from Bai Ku, saying that he thought about it seriously and thought that the two were still appropriate. He also said that he really didn’t want to hurt me, and hoped to be friends with me in the future.and many more.

My anger suddenly rose up. Now that you’ve thought about it, why not say it face to face?

Break up with me, is it your intention or the pressure of your family?

I called Bai Ku’s phone and asked to meet him in person.

Bai Ju quickly arrived at the station. He told the truth and said his friends had been persuading him that he was in good condition. Why would he want to be a girl older than himself?

I also think about what I love. If you marry me, he has to run outside in business, and I will inevitably have nothing to do. Even if he is innocent, he will make trouble with him.

  I was heartbroken to hear Bai Ku’s explanations one by one, but in the final analysis it was just a matter of age.

Like what his friends and his parents said, I reminded him before!

Didn’t you say there was no problem?

Why did he spend so much time with him and turned these words back and forth to reject me?

My chest is too tight.

Bai Ku accompanied me that night until dawn, and finally proposed to give each other a chance again, starting from ordinary friends like they just met.

  Liuli is very strong and did not shed tears, but she said that after breaking up with Bai Ku, she couldn’t lift her spirit for several days, and she couldn’t find a reason to convince herself to give up.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that Bai Ku is a very good boy. After so long contact, he is still very serious about his feelings.Speaking of which, her fracture revealed a miserable expression: “Isn’t I too concerned about age, and urged him to marry me as soon as I came up, putting too much pressure on him?

“I do feel that Liuli is too concerned about the” age difference “between him and Bai Ku.

But looking at her slightly haggard face, I could not bear to blame her.

I switched the topic and asked her if she had any contact with Bai Ku after “breaking up”. She said that she rarely talked on the phone, and there were still text messages. He was also easily contradictory.

  After bidding farewell to Liuli, I entered the subway report agency and received a text message from her saying that it was almost over, and I wanted to send a peace sign to Baiju, I do n’t know if it was appropriate.

I sighed and replied, “Since I can’t let him go, simply let go of his age burden, talk to him seriously.