Elderly nourishing brain and medicated diet-lotus seed chicken

Elderly nourishing brain and medicated diet-lotus seed chicken

Nourishing and brain-healthy medicinal diet-lotus seed chicken[source]: folk medicinal recipe[raw material]: 250 grams of pure chicken breast, 60 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 10 grams of ham, egg whites, starches, seasonings.

  〖Production〗: Diced chicken breast, egg white, starch and mix well; the mushrooms are soaked, cut into small diamond-shaped pieces with the ham; lotus seeds are hearted, steamed and set aside.

First stir-fry the chicken in the oil pan until it is ripe, drain the oil, add lotus seeds, shiitake mushrooms, ham and the right amount of condiments, stir fry a few times and serve.

  Serving method: Fractional meals.

  〖Effect〗: Strengthen the spleen and kidney, nourish the heart and strengthen the body.

Suitable for those with loss of appetite, indigestion, weak limbs, dizziness and forgetfulness, upset and insomnia, enuresis, and nocturnal emission.

Healthy people can eat regularly, which can enhance their physique and prolong their mental health.